Saturday, November 03, 2007

Black Canary

IMG_6423Posting a quick update before going to bed.

I had commissioned a talented artisan named Thelma DeMet to make a skirt for the Alex Ross Black Canary figure and I picked up the newly redressed figure at the miniatures show yesterday. The skirt, wristband, and bracelet are glued on. Doesn't she look lovely? Okay, and more kickass than ever.

Meanwhile, I'd read the latest Wizard on the train ride to Philadelphia and it was the same old same old inside. So, it was just that one alternate cover that was a ploy for male readers. Nothing that bothered me since I had other covers to choose from.


  1. I'm trying to remember when Dinah, in any incarnation, has ever worn a skirt.

    I'm having trouble visualizing it, even when she was in civvies: maybe in the 1970's or perhaps when Dixon was writing Birds of Prey. She didn't even get married in a skirt! Oh, wait, I think she wore a bridesmaid's dress at a Leaguer's wedding.

    But as part of the costume, ever? She's a martial arts heroine!

    So while I grant it looks nice, I find myself worrying that it sort of stops being a Canary costume.

    (I'm a big Dinah Lance fan, especially the stuff post-Grell & pre-Dixon, when she wasn't always costumed. She wore pants pretty much all the time.)

  2. Well, she isn't going to be Black Canary from now on. One thing I love about this figure (and the other ones based on Alex Ross' art) is that they're very realistic. And Dinah's old costume (not the new one because of the boots) lends itself to other outfits and uses. She's going into one of my dollhouse settings.

    And I have another of these figures that will stay as is.

    Then again, given I dress up my Spike and Mal Reynolds figures in skirts, women's hats, and Hawaiian shirts, sometimes, anything goes! ;)