Saturday, December 01, 2007

In Brief

What I've read so far this week.

JSA Classified 32
Featuring Green Lantern. I'm sure we've seen him a time or two in this series already, but given that Jade's death is being dealt with, I don't mind not seeing one of the less popular characters this time. I do wish they'd feature characters like Stargirl or Obsidian.

Countdown to Adventure 4
If Buddy manages to survive, he might not have a marriage to look forward to. He's really got a thing for Kory, and it was nice to see her give him hell for trying to protect her. She might've overreacted, but she had a good point. Adam Strange showed some resourcefulness, which was nice. I didn't read the Forerunner story.

Trials of Shazam 10
Of 12. And finally, it's getting interesting. If the pacing had been faster, perhaps 8 instead of 12 issues, this would have been a better, tighter read. I do love the cover. The art by Cascioli has been very nice and Freddy was looking quite hot.

Countdown 22
I've never been a fan of nor have I read much of the New Gods books (okay, none), so a lot of this was of no real interest to me. But... (Spoiler Alert)....
Trickster! That was cruel. And rather moving. I'm gonna miss him, even while hoping for a miraculous resurrection.

Blue Beetle 21
A nice bit with Jaime confronting the man who crippled his father. The actual story didn't do much for me (I don't much care for the current version of Spectre), but that bit of character development was pitch perfect.


  1. Well, it's always nice to see Alan, but I'm with you. I would prefer to see a little interaction with Obisidan for a change. Instead of mooning over the dead kid, how about paying a little attention to the live one?

    Blue Beetle was excellent as always. And Buddy had better get his act together! Countdown just annoyed me. Why can't they kill off somebody I don't care about? Like Eclipso?

  2. Yes! Eclipso needs to die. heh