Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wondrous Women

I got myself a Chanukah present. Well, 3 of them.

Lookee What I Got


  1. Those are insanely gorgeous!

  2. They really are. I've been waiting for them for months, since I saw the solicits, and they're as good as I'd hoped. I'd been disappointed with the Donna Troy figures earlier this year -- her arms and legs are too thin and her hands/fingers were too long and thin. But these are perfect.

  3. I took home a full set myself. Thought they were pretty awesome! I'm thinking of picking up the WW Ame-Comi figure in the December Previews too, but it's a bit pricey.

  4. I've spent a small fortune on action figures this year, and the Stargate figs might be out later this month. I preordered both sets, but I want a couple of extras to, uh, dress up. ;)

  5. Diamond Select figures are usually 2 months or more behind the original release date. We haven't gotten the BSG figures that were supposed to ship in October - our Diamond rep says they should arrive next week, but we'll wait and see, and the SG-1 Series 4 figs were scheduled for November so I'd bet they arrive in late January.

  6. Diamond Select runs more than 2 months late, actually, tho with all the release date revision they do, it's hard to tell. The spring set of SG1 (series 3) came out almost on time, in April. The SGA set was originally due in August! That's what it said when I preordered in the spring from Time & Space Toys. The date got pushed back to Nov. The set is now listed for Dec. 19. The SG1 Camo set was listed for fall or late-'07 and now also says Dec. 19 last I checked. I know the BSG set also had its release date pushed back a few times, same as the SGA series 1. SGA series 2 is listed for spring '08 and has 2 McKay figs so I really want that.

    You'd think they'd bust their butts getting these figs out in time for holiday shopping, but noooooo. If they weren't so gorgeous and articulated....

  7. Hi Shelly,
    Gorgeous! I took home a full set myself in celebration of the Anniversary of my Birth.