Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Reviews

Catwoman 75
I'm not reading Salvation Run, but I do know the gist of it, so I wasn't lost reading this, but this still felt like a sidebar to the real story, which looks like it'll pick up again next issue. Yes, it was fun to see Selina interact with the other baddies and see Deadshot screwed over, but until the last page, nothing much happened. This issue wasn't up to Catwoman's usual excellent standards.

Birds of Prey 114
I'm not as familiar with the Blackhawks, so I'm not familiar with Killer Shark. But I do want to know why he showed up and what he really wants from Zinda. It was great seeing Manhunter and I felt sorry for poor Misfit and I want to know when Babs will just ease up on Misfit and herself. I hope McKeever doesn't drag it out too long. Babs is a good leader, but she is headstrong and stubborn and she's harder on herself than anyone. A dressing down from Supes couldn't have been easy to take. Helena and Zinda out drinking together were fun. So, while I miss Gail on the book, McKeever is doing fine so far, and the art by Scott and Hazlewood is a pleasure.

Checkmate 22
I really enjoyed this arc featuring Mademoiselle Marie, the present and the past Maries. Jo is a great character and this story really showed off her strengths. The flashbacks were worked in nicely and gave a nice sense of history to the character, along with a real sense of what is worth fighting and dying for.

Booster Gold 6
This is one of the best books DC is putting out right now. Past, present, and future Blue Beetles help Booster save Ted, moving him out of time so he'll still stay dead to maintain the timeline. But is that all of it? And what exactly does Rip have planned now with Daniel? The one thing that bugged me is Rip made a big point proving to Michael that he couldn't prevent Babs from being crippled. So, why not believe Michael has to learn the hard way, too, that Ted can't be saved? Unless he knows the plan to de-solidify Ted's timeline can work and doesn't want it to. Does he not think Ted can exist out of time? Or not for long? And what then? There were so many nice moments. Michael willing to take the bullet meant for Ted. Michael explaining what he needs to do to Skeets who gives his okay. This book leaves me thinking a month between issues is far too long.


  1. Gosh, Birds of Prey was good. Killer Shark and Zinda have something of a...history. Mainly he kept trying to brainwash her, and turn her into his evil Queen, plus he's a bit on the nutty side.

    Ah can drink any man under the table and look gorgeous while doing it.

    Checkmate was excellent as usual.

    Booster Gold just had me squealing with delight. Of course, I'm still terrified that something is going to happen to Ted. Wasn't the Abbey Road picture fabulous!

  2. Ah, thanks for the update on Killer Shark, Sally. At least he has good taste. ;)

    And yeah, the Abbey Road pic was awesome.