Friday, February 15, 2008

Comic Goodness

Suicide Squad 6
Double crosses! Triple crosses! Intrigue and backstabbing! And someone dares go against Amanda Waller! This book has it all! I continue to be entertained by this.

Green Arrow and Black CanaryGreen Arrow and Black Canary 5
I rarely buy both when there are alternate covers, but I did this time because I couldn't choose between them. I just don't understand why the art credits on the covers don't match with the credits inside and the Conner cover has the interior artist, Andre Coelho (who did a decent job) under Winick's name on the cover and is clearly signed by her and the other cover has Conner's name on it and clearly isn't her work, nor is her work inside, because, duh, that's Coelho. And that cover is signed by Chiang. The interior credits list covers by Cliff Chiang and Amanda Conner, with David Baron (who also did colors). Did anyone else notice this and was anyone else confused by it?

Anyway, there was a story inside, and Winick is clearly messing with our minds now. The Conner "death" story is anything but so far, with Conner the target or lure for Ollie in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Much of the issue was flashback to how Ollie and Conner's mother, Sandra Hawke, hooked up and straightened out some of the continuity confusion and maybe now people will remember who she is and when Ollie got her pregnant. We got to see Conner as a boy and not a very well behaved one at that. Ollie and Dinah finally get married for real and then there's the cliffhanger when a mindwiped, catatonic Conner is kidnapped. I am definitely enjoying the ride Winick is taking us on and think this is some of his best work.

Booster Gold 0
I read Zero Hour and Hal as Parallax years after the fact, so a lot of this didn't resonate with me as much as it could have. However, it was fun to see Michael and Ted resume their friendship and the Blue Beetles interact, though I am not trusting the future Blue Beetle for some reason. He's an unknown quantity to us and with all the weirdness and varied baddies in this book, we don't know enough about him to know he's above reproach. How this all will end up, whether or not Ted will get to stay alive or end up making the ultimate sacrifice once again, it is one rollicking adventure.

Countdown to Final Crisis 11
More gathering of the players to Apokolips. Harley and Holly, with Mary, have become as entertaining a team as Piper and Trickster while Trickster was still alive. Jason seems to have gotten a bit stuck up since his encounter with the Earth 51 Batman. I'm still hopeful of a boffo (does anyone still use that word?) ending.

Wonder Woman 17
As I'd figured, Gail Simone pulled all the elements of her story together for a solid conclusion, while enhancing Diana's origin. And I'm still not sure where this fits into the current continuity, though I'm thinking between Amazon War and before Countdown.

Simon Dark 5
I'm really enjoying this odd, quirky book, and it seems not everyone is what he or she seems. When Simon discovers that his kitty can't be revived by having its head sewn back on (really, that isn't as bizarre, in context, as it sounds out of context), it was an honest, poignant moment. There is serious evil afoot in this book, in Gotham, yet there is also an endearing innocence, too. I like seeing something different being done within the regular DCU continuity.


  1. Green Arrow/Black Canary both enthralls and enrages me at the same time. On the other hand, I'm glad to see that they did finally get married. But then Connor gets kidnapped. Arrghgghh!

    Booster Gold #0 was a bit of a hoot. The look on Parallax's face when they go scooting by in the Time Sphere is priceless. And Jaime is just too too cute for words. Like you, I have my doubts about that FutureBeetle. He's a little "off" somehow. It would be nice to know where Rip is hanging out.

    Suicide Squad was just good. Somehow, however, I'm sure that Waller will prevail.

    I somehow managed to miss Wonder Woman when I was at my comic book store, and didn't realize it until I got home! Double Arrgghhh!

  2. Sally, somehow Waller always prevails. She's the ultimate survivor. As for Wonder Woman, ack. Get thee to your comic shop immediately. ;)

  3. connor is missing and then we get to see the cover for the next issue and blam motorcycle riding and arrow shooting badassness.

    i think ra's al ghul could be behind grand theft connor. any takers?

  4. Ooo, I like that theory, Stephen. And I like "Grand Theft Connor," too. ;)