Friday, February 08, 2008

From A to T

Review time.

Atom 20
Gail Simone has a special way with characters and this book has been the richer for it. The cameo by some JLAers was nice, the baddie behind the baddies is revealed, Ryan's friends team up, and we get plenty of Head action. I love this book.

Countdown to Final Crisis 12
Highlight of the issue: Jimmy and Forager. Granny Goodness was revealed, and the major players are converging on Apokolips. I've mostly been enjoying this, and I think it's set up for an exciting finish. At least, given how much I don't like the New Gods, I hope so.

Justice Society of America 12
AKA the "catch-up issue for newcomers." Jakeem Thunder and Johnny Thunderbolt return, but mostly, at least in this issue, to meet the new team members and thereby introduce everyone to new readers. Wildcat Jr and Sr are fun and I like the new Legacy heroes who were introduced, although I can't help wondering just how many children Jeff Pierce has hidden away. I was also under the impression that he and his wife were no longer together. Did I misunderstand? Miss something? And isn't it getting a bit crowded on the JSA's roster? But things look to pick up steam next issue.

Nightwing 141
I don't want Peter Tomasi to leave this book, not for many years, anyway. Finally, someone gets Dick. Finally, someone is writing him as a mature hero in his own right who is also a proud member of the Bat family. And all the fun character bits! Supes and Nightwing comparing notes, then that wonderful scene with the guard who wants his picture taken with Supes. Dick impressing the staff -- his new staff -- at the Cloisters, with his knowledge of the place. Members of the JSA helping to build Dick's new hideaway, with Starman bringing the pizza. Dick taking his new ladyfriend to a Yankees game only to discover she's a Mets fan. (Go, Mets!) Bruce telling Alfred that Dick made a "smart tactical move." Wally visiting for a joyful reunion with his best friend Dick. The baddies were still there. And nothing felt like filler. It's so nice to see Nightwing relevant again.

Supergirl 26
I'm tired of seeing her reworked by new writers, but so far, Kelley Puckett is doing a decent job even if the stories seem a bit vague and Kara seems even more vague. But the way this issue ended, the dilemma Kara faces as a result of a promise she made to a kid (that he wouldn't die as she's rescuing him), not knowing his circumstances (that he has cancer), is intriguing and not the usual situation superheroes face. Kara thinks she has a way to keep her promise, so I'm interested in seeing how this develops next issue. It's a small problem for someone who can save planets, but it is a delicate moral dilemma worth exploring.

Teen Titans Year 1 2
Still fun. The focus is on Aqualad and Speedy this time, with Wonder Girl showing up at the end. Roy looks the best in this cartoonish art style, with Dick coming in next, and Donna looks cute. The kids look and act like kids and while the story isn't treading on new ground (yet?), it is entertaining.


  1. Gosh, there were some really good books this week. The Atom was a hoot as usual, and I LOVE Head. Er...wait, that didn't come out quite the way that I intended. The food fight scene was hilarious.

    Countdown has really picked up lately, it's been interesting and it's starting to bring the various disparate plotlines together, which is a good thing.

    JSA was fun with all the various characters and the boxing match. In fact, I was having so much fun with that part, that the actual plot seemed a little dull in comparison.

    Nightwing is amazing...and that is something that I NEVER thought that I would say. I have been quite impressed with Mr. Tomasi. He's been doing a stellar job over on Green Lantern Corps as well, and he came up with one of my favorite scenes of all time in the Black Adam mini-series.

    "Chocolate Egg Creams!"


    And finally, I've been enjoying Teen Titans:Year One enormously. Aqualad in particular is a joy to read. And Roy's leer on the final page was just SO appropriate.

  2. Heh, Sally, we just can't discuss Head without it sounding funny, can we? ;)

    I've been a fan of Dick Grayson since I was 7, which was when I started reading comics. He was the first teen character really allowed to grow up when he became Nightwing. When he first got his book, it was good, but somewhere along the way, it lost focus. Then, between Devin Grayson's last arc and OYL, Dick completely lost his way. Finally, Dick once again has the book he deserves and is being treated with respect.

  3. atom was awesome who would of figured that the head actually had a body.

    as for jsa i'm looking forward to seeing rooselvelts grandson kick some ass.