Sunday, February 03, 2008

Review Round-Up

A few quickies.

The Spirit 13 Holiday Special
Better late than never? Not really. A few cute ideas for stories, but they were too short to make a lot of sense. Too much was missing. The art was nice, tho.

Jack of Fables 19
More lunacy and more fun as the treasure is finally found. Maybe. I think I'm getting boring as I constantly repeat how much I love this book.

Crossing Midnight 15
The end of the Time of Circles story arc. This did not go the way I'd thought. Nice plot twist to keep this tale of fantasy and identity going. This book continues to amaze and entertain while giving me things to think about.

Green Lantern 27
I don't recall from my childhood Green Lantern ever being this relevant to the DCU and now, it's one of the major books, spinning off plotlines that can affect everything. We start to see the ramifications of the new laws of the GL Corps, the line that once crossed can't be uncrossed. And now a "new faction" within the Corps, akin to Internal Affairs in police departments. Yet the Alpha Lanterns look rather scary. This cannot bode well. But it makes for great reading when done well. So far, it's being done well.

JSA Classified 34
Hourman this time, but only for one issue, then we get Wildcat. Still, it was nice to see someone other than Mr. Terrific, Alan Scott, or Jay Garrick.

Trials of Shazam 11
This book started slow, real slow, but the last couple of issues have picked up the pace and now there's a real sense of urgency and excitement. The art continues to be my favorite part. It's so realistic, with wonderful facial expressions. Cascioli is new to me, but I'd like to see more from him. It was nice seeing Shadowpact and that last page with the JLA. Wow. But I don't know why so many artists insist on turning Wonder Woman's panties into a near thong. There really is no reason for it. She can still be sexy with less flesh showing. Even Dinah's costume fared better, but her face was off.


  1. My favorite childhood comic was "Lois Lane Super Brain."

    Like the rest of my collection, my mom threw them all away. I heard that the LLSB now sells for over $50,000!

  2. Jack of Fables has been awfully good lately. Is it me, or has it been quite some time since the regular Fables came out? Hopefully this week, perhaps.

    Green Lantern has be insanely good lately. Really, the Guardians are making mistake after mistake,all because they've given into fear. No wonder Sinestro is busy smirking in his cell.

  3. I'm doing Fables in trades, so I don't follow the regular issues and am not up on their schedule.

    Yeah, the Guardians have been amazingly "human" lately. Sinestro understands them better than they understand themselves. Scary times, but great reading.