Monday, March 17, 2008

Batch of Reviews

Countdown to Final Crisis 7
Still build-up to the finale, okay but not great. Tempers flare. Harley and Holly continue to entertain.

Countdown to Mystery 6
The Eclipso story led off, with Huntress ensnared this time, but Spectre and Bruce Gordon get through to her in time. The new Dr. Fate learns more about the helmet and continues to be one screwed up character. Good stuff.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 6
Chiang's art continues to appeal as the hunt for Connor continues. Di and Ollie's disguises were no surprise; her fishnets were the giveaway from the start. The plot twist at the end is intriguing, but after reading the June solicits (I don't like spoilers, but I don't mind teases when I see them out) indicate there's more to this plot twist than meets the eye. I'm enjoying this.

Wonder Woman 18
In someone else's hands, Diana's courtship of Nemesis might be stilted and/or silly, but Gail puts a fun spin on it. And I love seeing Etta in action with her.

Booster Gold 7
with Ted "Blue Beetle" Kord. The timeline is totally screwed up and OMACs are everywhere. And the baddies are all revealed (I hope that's all of them this story). Black Beetle wasn't much of a surprise and with Hawkman and Green Arrow showing up, things look to get even better next issue. I love this book.

Suicide Squad 7
The double crosses continue and Deadshot is in deep trouble. This is a nicely illustrated, solid, tightly plotted and well written book.

Atom 21
The fun that Gail Simone brought to the book is gone. The plot is sufficiently wacky, but that extra special something is missing. I'm still reading, but it isn't as much fun as it was.

Simon Dark 6
The plot thickens, and more is revealed, sorta, about Simon's origins. I like that this dark, quirky book is set in the mainstream DCU, even though we haven't seen any of the mainstream characters (yet).

More tomorrow.


  1. I don't care that much about the first story in Countdown to Mystery, but I have been loving the Dr. Fate tale.

    Green Arrow & Black Canary drives me nuts. I love the characters, and the art is just so pretty, but Aliens? Seriously?

    Wonder Woman has been nothing but fun since Gail stepped up. Not everybody likes Nemesis, but what the heck, he's not so bad. This courtship should be awfully amusing.

    Booster Gold just makes me squeal like a little girl. So...much...goodness! And Ted isn't dead...yet.

    Suicide Squad was nice. Good to see Waller.

    I'm with you on the Atom. I started picking it up late, and loved it, but without Gail, this month it was pretty wordy, and rather flat. The ZEST was gone.

  2. Sally, I'm keeping an open mind on those aliens. It's the perfect cliffhanger because they could mean anything, plot-wise, and Judd is clearly working on a long story arc here. He also has shown a love for dramatic cliffhangers, ie Dinah killing "Ollie" on their wedding night, then having things make more sense in the next installment, so I'm hopeful this is more of the same.