Sunday, March 02, 2008

In Review

Countdown to Final Crisis 9
We're in it now, lots of action as the story threads come together with lots of bangs. Last issue, Mary Marvel had her moment. This time, it's Piper. Things aren't looking good for Val, or anyone else, actually. I'm not trying to figure things out, just enjoying the ride.

Crime Bible 5
Renee's journey comes to an end, and discovers herself at another beginning. A lot of hard questions were asked in this book, with no easy answers. How good can you be if you do bad things to achieve worthy goals? And what's next for Renee?

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters 6
The action, intrigue, and danger keep increasing as Red Bee continues mutating and becoming an increasing danger. And Emma's experiment has really icky consequences. It's not for everyone, but I really like this book.

JSA Classified 35: Wildcat
Nice study of an aging character facing the sad fact that his youth is in the past. Nothing new, but Ted, who has a public life both as Wildcat and as Ted Grant, has to deal with this with an audience. The art of Ramon Perez is nicely suited to Wildcat, having a grittiness to it befitting a former boxer. And Catwoman shows up at the end of part 1, so good times promise to follow. I've always been intrigued by Ted's close relationship with Dinah Lance, who is like a daughter to him, and Selina. At some point, I'd like to see someone explore his relationship with his newly found son.

Blue Beetle 24
Left powerless after his scarab was yanked out and nullified by the Reach, Jaime proves himself a true hero. His family and friends aren't too far behind in the hero department. I love how inept the Reach seem in battling him. They sound so confused most of the time. And is there anything better than seeing Jaime in the goggles?

Justice Society of America 13
I love the cover. Just. Love. It. Inside, the Kingdom Come universe seems to be coming true for the main DCU Earth, also. I think I need to reread Kingdom Come as I'm a bit rusty on my Gog and Magog mythology. Lots of nice character bits in this, too.

The previews in recent books for either Titans or Dreamwar have been interesting, but not if they're at the expense of story pages for the actual books. Of course, if they're displacing ads, they're most welcome.


  1. jsa i thought gave a nice recap of the gog mythos for any non-readers.

    as for jsa classified i agree completely we know next to nothing about his son and i'd think that the classified book would be the perfect place to showcase him.

    as for blue beetle "we don't need no stinking powers" nuff siad

  2. All the previews have replaced ads. We still have 22 pages of story.

  3. Thanks. It would help if they still numbered pages. ;)

  4. The Wildcat story was rather poignant, don't you think? And well done.

    I still can't stop gushing about how wonderful Blue Beetle was. One of the reasons that the Reach is having some problems in dealing with Jaime, is that they really have never HAD a problem before with the scarabs, so they are having some trouble adapting. An organization that deals in 100 year plans may be good at seeing the BIG picture, but have trouble with the little things. I love how you can practically SEE the Negotiator's eye start to twitch whenever Jaime throws another spanner into the works.

  5. I agree about the Reach, Sally, but what makes it so good is that this isn't Superman or Batman or Wonder Woman thwarting their plans, it's a teenager. A very talented, very bright teenager who is coming into his own. Until the scarab came into his life, he was just a regular kid. And now, he's found his inner hero. And the Reach can't handle it. It's very cool.