Monday, March 10, 2008

Short Shorts

Between getting a cold and being busy, I didn't get my latest reviews posted this weekend as planned, so here's what I thought of each in 5 sentences or less.

Green Lantern 28
Consequences. More on the new laws of the Guardians. The first Red Lantern. Good stuff.

Countdown to Adventure 7
Kory's got her powers back! The plague cured on Rann. But is it too late for Earth? More good stuff. Didn't read the Forerunner story.

The resurrection of Dick Grayson continues. Tomasi packs so much good stuff into an issue. Story, character, and a healthy respect for the past. Plus, guest stars! The art's great, too.

Countdown to Final Crisis 8
A catch-up issue, the kind where things are recapped for anyone not paying attention or foolishly is jumping in with only two months to go. Lots of arguing, posturing, and whining. Not bad, but not as good as the last few. I was amused by the reversed pages for the Bizarro origin tale.

Supergirl 27
Supergirl is taken to the future where she learns some things that might or might not lead to something interesting in the regular timeline. ho-hum

Teen Titans Year 1 3
Titans Together and they save the day, and their mentors! Yay! And with 3 more issues to go, it looks like we'll get another story. Again, yay! Delightful book.

Crossing Midnight 16
One thing I have to say about Kai, he's determined when it comes to his sister. Some truths come out. Mystical, dark, a fantasy for adults.

Jack of Fables 20
Truth in advertising. The cover scene of Jack getting kicked in the nuts actually happens in the story. The story was good, too, but after that cover and Babe the Blue Ox, who needs more?

Criminal 1 (of the new format)
A single, complete story in this new format with more pages issue, giving the background of Gnarly. No one has an easy life in this book, and the team of Brubaker and Phillips give us fully developed characters and tautly plotted, evocatively drawn stories.

A full page ad for the new Titans book has me peeved, mainly the Roster across the top: Starfire, Cyborg, Nightwing, Flash, Donna Troy, Beast Boy, Raven. No mention of Roy. At the bottom we see: Any Questions? My answer is Hell, yeah, where's Roy?


  1. Mark my words, these shenanigans of the Guardians are going to come back and bite them in the butt, in Green Lantern. Which is excellent as usual.

    I am just GUSHING about how good Nightwing is. Dick and Tim together are a hoot. And the note that they left for Batman, and actually found by Alfred is just perfect.

    Countdown is full of action, but still...not the best issue. They DID just seem to stand around and yell at each other in this one. When oh when is the giant anvil going to come and fall on Jason's head?

    Teen Titans: Year One has been delightful. Just delightful. Between Wally and Dick's rivalry, Donna's tears and Garth's reaction, and Roy's little knowing smirks, I am smitten.

    Jack of Fables is always fun. At least as long as they have Babe.

    They should NEVER leave out Roy. Did I tell you that I got the new action figure of Roy, with all the adorable little arrows and everything? He's on the shelf next to Booster.

  2. Sally, which Roy figure? The one from JLA that came out last year? Or is there another one I don't know about?! Eeek.

  3. Um...the latest one I think. In the Red Arrow outfit from the JLA. He's just adorable.

  4. They seem to do this with Supergirl a lot: take her to the future and show her some things that might change her.

    Can't they pick a characterization and go with it...or are they waiting for the Final Crisis, and the return of the original Kara Zor-El...who knew a little something about fashion and could behave with decorum.

  5. Ah, okay, must be the one based on Benes' art from last year. That really is a nice figure.

  6. LOL, Greg. Yeah, that would be the perfect solution.