Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lots of New Comics

I've got three weeks' worth and counting, plus the short runs and new titles I've been stacking up but haven't read yet, plus graphic novels... well, you get the idea. I've gotten behind. Way behind. Again. Vacations do that for me. So does getting sick. Which happened, and I still feel mostly like crap.

I did read a few things and will get mini reviews up soon, but I had to post to say how happy I was to be holding a new issue of Manhunter. I want everyone who reads this blog and not Manhunter to go get the first new issue and buy it. Read it. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it and want more. Because I want this comic to succeed. Wildly. So it won't get canceled again. Okay? Because Catwoman was just canceled and has its last issue in August and I don't want to lose another wonderful, female-starring comic. Pretty please with chocolate on top? Thanks.


  1. I read it and liked it. The art didn't bowl me over, but i like the character. Superhero comics with real supporting casts are so rare these days. I had read the previous arc.

  2. Well, I'm sorry you've been sick, and I hope, that your vacation helped make up for it.

    But yes, onto Manhunter. I DID buy it, I read it and I enjoyed it. Completely. I'm rather glad that they just started up at #31 where they left off, too.

    And look, Jaime is in it!

  3. Thanks, Sally. My vacation was great and at least I didn't get sick til after I got home.

    I flipped through Manhunter and saw Jaime. I read Blue Beetle last night and Manhunter is next on the stack.

    Some reviews tonight, maybe.