Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top Ten Favorite Characters

I saw this done over on BrainFreeze, so figured, why not do that here, too. So, I present my favorite comic book characters. Since I'm mostly a DC reader, that's what I'll stick with. I tried doing a list of my favorite characters from other companies, but couldn't come close to 10.

Favorite Female DC Characters
  1. Supergirl (the original Kara from the Silver Age)
  2. Black Canary (any version, I just love Dinah)
  3. Catwoman
  4. Barbara Gordon (as Oracle or Batgirl)
  5. Huntress (the original, Helena Wayne, though the current version has grown on me)
  6. Power Girl
  7. Manhunter (Kate Spencer)
  8. Lois Lane (Because when I was growing up, she was the one character I could grow up to be. But I never did become a reporter.)
  9. Zinda (As she's been in BoP, she's been an adventure unto herself.)
  10. Hawkgirl (the original, Shayera/Shiera)
Honorable Mention: Zatanna, Wonder Woman

Favorite Male DC Characters
  1. Roy Harper (Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, whatever the future might bring)
  2. Dick Grayson (Robin, Nightwing)
  3. Green Arrow (What can I say? I'm a sucker for the jerk.)
  4. Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes version preferred, but Ted Kord is fine, too.)
  5. Element Lad (When I was a kid, I had the biggest crush on him, Roy Harper, and Dick Grayson, so even though I no longer read the LSH and the few times I've seen him in recent years, he was barely recognizable, the version from the Silver Age remains a favorite.)
  6. Elongated Man (*sigh* I still miss Ralph.)
  7. Animal Man (A solid, dependable -- mostly -- family man!)
  8. Ragman (He's Jewish!)
  9. Booster Gold (It took his current book to make me fall in love with the character.)
  10. Wildcat (Yeah, I know I complain sometimes that he's hogging JSA Classified, but really, I have to love a guy both Black Canary and Catwoman consider a friend.)
Honorable Mention: Mr. Terrific (current version), Hawkman (ah, that chest hair)
Honorable, Honorable Mention: Two from other lines in the DC Comics company: Grifter, Jack of Fables

This has been an interesting exercise. While I love scores of characters, trying to pick favorites (which is never easy for me) required real thinking. The first 2 or 3 of each category was easy, but after that, I really had to consider what characters I'd read under damn near any circumstance (except the painfully bad, because I'd hate to see favorites in such poor stories). I reserve the right for the lists to remain flexible. After all, who knows what new, great characters will be coming along. It might be worth doing this a year or two from now.


  1. I have to agree with Nightwing behing high on the list, although lately his book has been pretty boring. And by lately I mean since 1999. Ha. But I have always liked the character, especially the triangle between him, Bats and Robin.

    My five year old daughter has a crush on old Booster now he always ranks on my list as well.

    But no Bats or Supes on the list? No Flash or GL? No Martian Manhunter or Plas? Wow. I dig that you like the second tier gentleman.

    As fer the ladies. I have to top my list with Babs. She is a cool character. Lot's of different roles she has played. Lots of trauma but keeps coming out on top.

    The Supergirl stuff confuses this Mostly Marvel Man. Ugh.

    Thanks for the list. I do appreciate reading through, agreeing or disagreeing with a list!

  2. I've been loving Nightwing this year. The book has been wonderful, not that it had to work hard to beat the last couple of years.

    As for Supergirl, well, she and I kinda grew up together. The original version will always be dear to my heart.

  3. Wildcat does manage to get around. He's also an old buddy of Zinda's,which is rather fun.

  4. I like how you tend to embrace a character's entire history (liking Barbara Gordan as both Batgirl AND Oracle, for example), instead of adhering to just ONE incarnation of a character. :-)

  5. Thanks, Sea of Green. I guess for me, it's a matter of who they actually are. Barbara Gordon became Batgirl and then later, Oracle. Dick Grayson became Robin due to horrible circumstances and later, gave that up to be Nightwing. Roy Harper has undergone changes in his life, too, and his costumed identities have reflected that. But at their core, they are Babs, Dick, and Roy. :)