Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Reviews to Catch Up

I feel as if I'll never get caught up. So, here are some quickie reviews for what I've recently read, comics-wise.

Booster Gold 11
The awesomeness continues as Booster's sister tries to adapt to time patrol and Booster tangles with Batman and the original Robin. This book is taking full advantage of the DCU past, present, and future, which makes things loads of fun.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 11
Now we know who shot Connor, but we still need to find out who's behind the whole plot and why. It looks like it's Shado, but is she really the one? I've come to expect wild plot twists in this story arc, so I'm taking nothing for granted.

Final Crisis 3
I'm starting to think that the only way I can keep from going mad trying to keep track of the continuity of this whole Crisis thing is to pretty much forget about Countdown, other than the pertinent details actually referred to here. Otherwise, I'm just taking what's here at face value. And while it feels as if chunks are missing, it's fast-paced and intriguing.

Nightwing 147
Creepy two-faced Nightwing cover for a tie-in to Batman RIP which I'm not reading, but it's not necessary to enjoy this tale where Two-Face asks Nightwing for help.

Green Lantern 33 
More on Hal's secret origin as GL that really deepens and enhances his background and the mythos of GL.

Justice Society of America Annual 1
Beware of getting what you want would be the lesson here. PG is sent back to Earth-2, where she's reunited with Helena Wayne/Huntress and the rest of her friends. But things have changed and there's doubt, when another PG shows up, that this is the real Earth 2, after all. I love how both versions of PG's costume are used here to differentiate the two Power Girls.

Supergirl 32
The end of the recent arc features some nice art and a bit of a time travel twist that, while not overly satisfying, doesn't suck, either.

Huntress 6
The mini-series comes to a nice close and I've come to really appreciate this version of Huntress, thanks to some solid writing by Ivory Madison that goes far in establishing Helena Bertinelli's motivations and personality.

Trinity 9-11
This has really been picking up the pace and is actually starting to intrigue me. At least, I no longer am wondering if I'm wasting both time and money.

Blue Beetle 29
Solid entertainment with a bit of a message. Looks like Jaime has been suckered by a pretty face, too.

Catwoman 81
I wish this book were continuing. I wish this book could reach 100 at least. But I can console myself with this lovely cover and all the others, plus rereading some of DC's finest stories. Selina reestablishes herself, again. I loved what she'd been throughout this run (plus the August issue), the only one who seemed to care for Gotham's disenfranchised, but no matter what happens after this run, nothing can take away from the wonderful character she's been under Brubaker, then Pfeifer's guidance.

Madame Xanadu 2
Still not liking the quality of the paper, which takes away from the beautiful art by Hadley. I like seeing this aspect of the Stranger, and getting Madame Xanadu's history.

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  1. Ya know, there have been an awful lot of very good books lately.