Thursday, October 09, 2008

Review Six Pack

I'm sitting here wondering where I stashed a few comics that I now can't find. I have Final Crisis Revelations 1 here, and now 3, but what the heck did I do with #2? I'm sure I bought it. I wanted to read them all at once. And my early, unread issues of House of Mystery seem to have taken a powder. So annoying.

Meanwhile, I did read a few things.

Simon Dark 13
I'm not usually a fan of horror, but I do like this. This issue was a bit slow, sort of a catch your breath before things get crazy again issue. I think I mostly like this because I find Simon so appealing.

Wonder Woman 25
Conclusion to an odd little story about movies and storytelling and fables. I miss Lopresti's art.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 13
Speedy and Dodger go on a date, during which she tells him about her HIV positive condition, which was nicely done. Meanwhile, back at the house, Connor is acting weird. A decent effort, but nothing special.

Trinity 19
Weirdness. I loved "Freddie." A world without the trinity makes for some interesting moments.

Green Lantern 35
A nice conclusion to the Secret Origin story arc. Things should be getting rather exciting from here on with the Red Lanterns storyline.

Vixen Return of the Lion 1
Wow, this was good. Easily the best of what I recently read. The cover is wonderful as is the interior art and whoever Cafu, the artist is, I want to see more of his or her work. My knowledge of Vixen is limited. I mostly know her from the current Justice League book. This nicely fleshed out her character and filled in her background while giving us a nice little revenge story as Mari learns the truth about her parents deaths. Well worth reading.



  1. Wonder Woman was a hoot. The Queen of Fables makes a really good villain for her. I was getting SO tired of Circe all of the time.

    Oh Hal. Sometimes you are right after all. And pretty. So so pretty.

    Vixen was quite good, I'm surprised to say. Wasn't really expecting it.

    Speedy and Dodger were rather cute. And Trinity is getting more interesting by the week.

  2. Good to know about Vixen. I've never been all that crazy about the character, but it's always nice to know about good stories.