Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bunches of Comics

Trinity 25-26
Still fun.Wasn't overly hyped, and more than meeting expectations for an enjoyable read.

Blue Beetle 33
With the Teen Titans. Even without them, this is one of the best supporting casts in comics today. A fun romp with a cliffhanger that has me eager for next ish. Can't believe there are so few left to go. *sniff*

Brave and Bold 19
With Green Lantern and Phantom Stranger. PS has never been much of a participant, but he was reasonably busy here in what is shaping up as a rather creepy story. I'm intrigued, but that kid is spooky.

Simon Dark 14
I'm enjoying this and the new story seems interesting, but I'd give this up gladly to keep BoP.

Kingdom Come Specials: Superman and Magog
Both were a joy to look at and each fleshed out their featured character. The Kingdom Come Superman has even more pathos now and Magog's human face really fleshed out his character. Neither is needed to follow the storyline in JSA, but both are worth reading for good character development.

Final Crisis 4
More darkness. I really don't like the whole New Gods/Darkseid concept, but we're stuck with it, so if I want to keep up, I need to read this. Well done, but depressing. I hope there's something positive at the end of this.

Superman Supergirl Maelstrom 2
This must take place before the current storyline in Kara's book, because she's still rather whiny. At some point, I'd like to see the Kirby New Gods stuff put aside for a rest. Meanwhile, while this is better than the first issue, it's nothing special.

Supergirl 35
Part of the New Krypton saga, which I'm not reading elsewhere. I know there has been griping about this, cliches and nonsense, etc over the retconning or revision or whatever of Kara's background, but I like it. Sterling Gates is my new hero. Sure, Bats should've discovered the kryptonite poisoning when he first examined her, but I don't care if details are missing or wrong. What this does, without resorting to the worse cliche of a bad dream, is wipe out all the stuff I hated about the new Supergirl, the whole "sent to Earth to kill Kal" and that crap about the crystals or whatever in her body (that was wrong on so many levels). This brings her more in line with the original Kara, and frees her of a lot of angst. I love angst, but it doesn't suit Supergirl. She's got enough to deal with being a super teen. I want to see her start to grow, mature, become a symbol of hope. I know we can't get that innocence of the '50s and '60s back, or even the idealism of the '70s, but Kara, like her cousin, represents the good in life. Oh, and Jamal Igle can draw her forever as far as I'm concerned. She looks like a real teen. And I love the scenes with her parents. No matter what, she's still their daughter.

Flash 246
A solid issue. And I'm not sure what it means that I enjoyed Roy here more than in Titans. And it was nice seeing Lian again.

Birds of Prey 124
Love the cover with a pissed off Babs. And she breaks Joker's smile. Awesome. Bedard has really gotten into this book and its characters. It was great seeing Ollie and Dinah, too. I love what he's been doing with Calculator, too. What a bastard, more than usual.

Terra 2
Nice rapport with the new Terra and Power Girl. Very enjoyable.

Booster Gold 14
Ah, so convoluted. Remender has done a decent job filling in. His Starro story fit in nicely with what's being built here.

Manhunter 36
I'll really miss this book. Another great issue as Kate fights for justice on all levels. And what's going on with Ramsey? And the side story featuring Dylan has been good, too.

*whew* And I still have so much to read.


  1. It's so nice that you read practically all of the same books that I do!

    Trinity has indeed been enjoyable. On time too, which is a good thing. I've been liking Final Crises, but so much time goes on between books that I forget what is happening. I suppose at he end...if we ever GET to the end, it will make more sense if I just sit down and read it all at once.

    God, I'm going to miss Blue Beetle, and not just because of Jaime. Where else am I going to read about the best supporting cast in comics?
    Same thing for Manhunter, I'm going to miss Ramsey, Dylan, and Todd and Damian as much as Kate.

    Jamal Igle is indeed a sensational artist.

  2. The more I think about the cancellations, the more depressed I get.