Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fast Reviews

A mixed bag of comics, from the last couple of weeks.

Titans 7
I was never a big fan of Jericho and I haven't kept up with all he's been through since the mid-'80s, so most of this meant little to me. Still, that didn't keep me from not enjoying this much. And will someone please tell penciller Julian Lopez that Kory is TALL? Thanks.

Trinity 24
Still fun. Not the mind-blowing, kitchen sink fun of 52, but fun. And much better than Countdown.

DC Universe Decisions 4
Nice wrap-up for this odd miniseries.

Terra 1
Nice start. I like seeing Power Girl and I'm a sucker for Amanda Conner's art. And the new Terra is a fun character, so I have high hopes for this miniseries.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 14
This mostly dwells on the changes to Connor. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Nothing bad, nothing special. Just an average read.

Flash 245
A rather nice issue, especially the Wally/Roy scenes and memories. Nicely done.

Rann-Thanagar Holy War 6
I love this but have no idea why. It's just so... odd. It's got the Weird, of course, and he's a pip. I love him. And Comet is rather a jerk at times. I love Buddy and Kory and Carter's a jerk in a different way, and Adam Strange keeps trying to make them all work together. The art is stunning. And Kory mostly looks taller than the humans, even the men.

Jack of Fables 27
Focusing on Hillary. Another marvelous installment of one of the best comics out there. Secrets revealed. Complications abound. And another page devoted to Babe the Blue Ox. Like a story in a story. Or is that a fable in a fable about fables?

Nightwing 150
Awesome. Peter Tomasi has nailed Dick/Nightwing. He writes him strong, independent, human. He writes him with flaws and failures, but as a man who gets back up and kicks butt. It was nice seeing Babs in one of her better guest turns. The art by Kramer/Leisten/Ramos depicts a Nightwing who has left childhood far behind. I'm upset this book was canceled and even if there's a new Nightwing book in the future, I fear it won't be like this. Dick will either be back in Gotham -- maybe as Batman -- or he'll be too tied to Bruce to be independent. Here, his ties to Gotham and Bruce are clear, but he's his own man. I like how the supporting cast has been slowly brought in along with giving him a job I can see him doing. I haven't enjoyed Dick this much in years. Figures it's going away, along with BoP, Catwoman, Manhunter, and Blue Beetle. They're five quality books and by canceling them, DC has disappointed me. I understand the bottom line, but surely, these characters deserve their own books where they can shine, instead of being relegated to guest appearances or smaller, supporting roles elsewhere.

Lone Ranger 15
A satisfying end to the serial killer story. The development of John Reid as the Lone Ranger has been well done.


  1. I gave up on Titans a while ago. And frankly, I'm glad.

    You're completely right about Trinity. It doesn't sock it out of the park, but by gosh, it's entertaining.

    I was actually inrigued by Green Arrow and Black Canary. I believe that this was Judd Winick's final issue, so it will be interesting to see what is going to happen. Or does this mean the end of this series? DC DOES seem to be going cancellation crazy lately. *sob*

    I somehow missed picking up the Flash,so I'll have to go out and get it. I missed Terra too, but eventually found it, mainly for Amanda Conner's art, which is always charming. Plus a Doctor Mid-Nite appearance is always good.

    I always enjoy Jack of Fables, and gosh, I adore those Brian Bolland covers. Tomasi has been doing a fine job with Nightwing, so I hope that that whole deal doesn't get messed up. Lone Ranger was also good. I always forget when it is supposed to come out, so it is always a nice surprise when it does.

  2. I wouldn't read Titans except for Roy being in it, just in case something interesting happens with him. Judd usually writes Roy well.

  3. I LIKE's a shame that he doesn't seem to show up more often.

  4. Of course, DC earmarks Nightwing for cancellation right when the series finally starts to get GOOD. Figures.