Saturday, January 10, 2009

Buncha Reviews

Vixen 4
The gorgeous art is still the standout part of the book, but the story is good, too, giving Mari a lot to do as she discovers the depth of her powers. And now she'll need to save some JLA members, too! Good stuff.

Trinity 31-32
Things seemed to be stalling last week, but picked up with Diana's (or rather, Dinanna) story. And "Richie" Grayson freaking out by realizations that his past isn't what he thought was fun. The backup story had some emotional punch, too. Past the midpoint, and this book is holding up fairly well, reading as an epic fantasy quest tale at times.

Superman Supergirl Maelstrom 5
A decent conclusion. The art by Noto remains my favorite part of the book, and clearly, the who Maelstrom/New Gods storyline was just an excuse to intro some good vs evil fighting into the book. It was the weakest aspect IMO, and the scenes dealing with that part exclusively were a waste for me. The Kal/Kara interactions made the mini series worth reading.

Blue Beetle 34
I love who Jaime and the armor form a real team. I'm gonna miss this book when it ends soon. Just saying.

Justice League of America 28
I'm relieved to know there really was a reason behind the stupid battling between the JLA and the other guys who are new to me. That adds a nice element of intrigue and I'm looking forward to seeing where things go.

Justice Society of America 22
A thrilling, satisfying end to the Kingdom Come/Gog storyline. I loved the mix of art styles to differentiate the different Earths. And if anyone didn't tear up at the end, I don't think I want to know you. Just saying.

Secret Six 5
Gail Simone might be settling in nicely (finally) over at Wonder Woman, but this is what she does best: quirky, crazy, outrageous. Deadshot's narration was loads of fun, and that reveal at the end came out of left field and left me with an image I'd rather not have. Next issue is gonna be fantastic, though. I just know it. And Ragdoll might win the award for best DC character family background. Truly, could anything be weirder?


  1. Considering it was a rather small week, there were some very good books out. Secret Six continues to delight me. I can't decide if I like Bane's unexpected morality more than Deadshot's complete lack of the same. Either way, I find them both oddly endearing.

    I am going to miss Blue Beetle, but I think I'm going to miss his astonishingly fabulous supporting characterst the most. Where will I go for my fix of Paco, Brenda, Milagro and the Reyes's?

  2. That's a good point about Blue Beetle, Sally. Jaime/Blue Beetle might show up elsewhere, but that's not likely for the supporting cast.