Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lots of Comics

Picked up comics from last week and this week. Wow, I've got quite the stackk to read. And I still have some older ones to review, too.

Jack of Fables 29 
The war between Revise and Bookburner heats up. ;) I love this comic.

Final Crisis Secret Files
Totally unnecessary but fascinating story of Libra. You don't need to read it to keep up with Final Crisis, but Len Wein wrote a nice story with a narrative style that felt so '70s, I felt transported back in time. Tony Shasteen's art is very nice, too.

Even more of a throwback is Batman 684 by Denny O'Neil, with art by Guillem March. I normally don't read Batman, but I wanted to see what Denny did came up with and it featured Nightwing, so was a natural. A nice, moody piece, but given Dick's recent encounter/entanglement with Two-Face, things felt off, out of continuity with the Nightwing book that's about to end. I had mixed feelings about this.

Superman 683
A chapter in New Krypton, which is the only reason I bought it. Kata's mother has clearly lost her mind, because even grief doesn't account for her cruelty toward her daughter and I can't believe Alura was always such a bitch.

Green Lantern 36
The Red Lanterns storyline moves forward and Sinestro is in the middle of a mess. The art by Reis and Albert is wonderful. This book continues to excel, one of the best reboots I've read.

Titans 9
*yawn* So, Jericho spends most of the issue inside Dick's head retelling his life story. Wow, what a great use of all those pages, not. This couldn't take up half the space and maybe some actual story happen? Oh, and Roy and Vic get zapped by Donna in an attempt to find who Jericho is hiding in, and then the JLA shows up. Considering Roy is in the JLA as well as the Titans, which side will he take if he wakes up in time?

Trinity 33-34
Moving along nicely. Memories of the lost Earth are coming back, Donna gets in touch with her inner Amazon, and the pace of this weekly remains on track. I'm enjoying the storytelling about the lost trinity of gods, but that font is not getting any easier to read.


  1. Green Lantern was my favorite, no big surprise there of course. All good choices. It seems as though, while still a good read, that Trinity has slowed down a little bit, but I'm assuming that it's just getting ready for the final donnybrook.

  2. I think the storytelling gives Trinity the slowing down feeling. It's interesting, but nothing much is happening.