Monday, February 16, 2009

So Many Comics

I've been falling behind again. I can blame an addiction to a Facebook game, but really, it's more my inability to concentrate for long on anything. Still feeling like crap, but I did enjoy the dealers' room at Comic Con and I have read some comics. Here's the latest batch of brief reviews.

Blue Beetle 35
This looks to go out with a bang. Jamie as a leader of a scarab army! Or rather, Blue Beetle as the leader. I'm really going to miss this book.

Booster Gold 17
Trying to keep track of the time paradoxes can give me a headache, so I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Booster and Booster sounds like a dream team for next ish.

Nightwing 153
As much as anyone, Peter Tomasi gave Dick Grayson a life that was both independent of Batman and integrated in the Bat family. Since Tomasi took over writing chores, the book, and Dick (literally, with the sky diving), have soared. Now, in this last issue, Tomasi gave us a gift in the form of a nice character study in the wake of Batman's death. The Origins and Omens backup was nice, too, with Dick giving Babs a special gift. I will really miss this book.

Titans 10
Best I can say about this is it didn't suck. It wasn't much good, either. I'm really tired of Jericho.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 17
A bit disjointed. There are hints of possibly an interesting story here, but the execution is rather ordinary. So is the art. This book could be wonderful, but so far, it hasn't come close. At least Judd Winick, for all his faults, wrote some fun byplay and sassy dialogue for Ollie and Dinah.

Vixen: Return of the Lion 5
Aside from the 5 of 6 on the cover, this story reached The End and in a most satisfying fashion. Mari has fully embraced her power and her life and helped save the JLA. The art was stunning, too.

Trinity 35-37
Typical mid-story, with lots of myth telling and partial remembering. Still entertaining.

Wonder Woman 28
One of those annoying Faces of Evil covers. This features Cheetah, but really, it's still about Genocide. I'm really liking what Gail is doing in exploring the meaning of Diana's lasso. Cool stuff.

Batman 685
A Faces of Evil issue featuring Catwoman, so I'm pretending this is a Catwoman book and given the gorgeous cover, what else could it be? I don't read Batman or Detective, but with with Bats gone and the supporting cast being featured, I'll be getting a few. In this, Selina runs her own op, with a little help from a couple of friends.

Secret Six 6
This just keeps getting better and better, Gail Simone at her quirky best. Lawton's betrayal of the group is a sharp reminder that this wasn't a team but an agreement of like-minded individuals that mattered only when they had the same goal. They're people who do bad things, sometimes to each other. Cool stuff, enhanced by the dark coloring and graphic art.

Final Crisis Revelations 5
My favorite of the complementary series to Final Crisis, probably because Rucka is such a good writer. The life and death struggles, the pitting of good against evil, the characterizations -- especially of Renee and Helena -- and the resolution for Spectre made this a standout issue.

Final Crisis 7
I've read a lot of reviews of this. A lot. And I still don't quite get it. Maybe because there were so many weeks/months between issues. If I find the time --HA! -- I'll read this straight through, and maybe then it will feel cogent, but I doubt it. So much is left off panel. And for some bizarre reason, it doesn't matter that I haven't been able to follow the whole storyline, that I seem to have missed details, probably because my knowledge of the whole DCU is lacking in some areas. There was so much to enjoy. The art was great. And the panels were packed with intriguing and fun character bits. All those Supermen! Now to see how everything shakes out across the DCU.


  1. How are we all going to survive without Blue Beetle? At least he's going to be over in Teen Titans, but what about his parents, Milagro, Paco and Brenda? Gah!

    Booster and Booster does indeed sound like a fun pairing.

    I never read Nightwing before Tomasi wrote it, but he sure did a nice job. I'm going to miss this one as well.

    I'm getting dangerously close to dropping Green Arrow/Black Canary. I like the characters, but it's just not clicking for me lately.

    Vixen was beautifully done, and a good story, Trinity continues to be good, all sorts of interesting things are happening over in Wonder Woman, and Secret Six is simply fabulous. I'm wondering a bit about Lawton's betrayal seems to me that there is probably a twist somewhere.

  2. I've been thinking of dropping GA/BC, too, and I love those characters. I just hate seeing them wasted like this.

    I suspect there's a real twist to Lawton's betrayal. Gail is good with plot twists.