Sunday, March 01, 2009

Upon Review

I really need to stop falling behind on posting these.

Justice Society of America 23-24
Nice Marvel Family action here -- and where is Freddie, anyway? And a decent Origins and Omens backup story in 24.

Blue Beetle 36
Damn, I'm gonna miss this. Jaime and the scarab find a good way out of the mess they're in. This has been one of DC's best, most consistent books. Of course, that was the kiss of death for it.

Trinity 39
Still enjoyable, though it's getting hard to find interesting things to say about it.

Wonder Woman 29
The action is ratcheted up as the book explores some serious issues, continuing with the meaning and power of Diana's lasso. The Olympians storyline promises to be good. I have faith that Gail can deliver. She seems to have hit her stride on this book. The Origins and Omens backup story is one of my fav O&O stories. "No, Sir Thomas of Cleveland, it is just the Queen." I chortled. Anyway, it was nice seeing Queen Hippolyte and Tom. Theirs is an interesting relationship.

Supergirl 38
The mystery of Superwoman has been well-played so far and I'm really curious. I'm not up on all the Superman books of the past decade, so I have no guesses as to her identity, but I am enjoying Kara's frustration. It was nice seeing her back at Lana's.

Birds of Prey 127
I know people haven't liked this last issue. The book didn't go out with a bang, but more a whimper, but I think that is really setup for the Oracle mini-series and what the future holds for Babs. She's a confident character and she's faced and beaten failure before, so to get her to the point where she needs to rediscover or redefine herself, or whatever the mini will lead to, she needed to be brought back to the brink of despair, or at least, confusion, a strong blow to her confidence, something that will get her to disband the Birds, at least for now (I hope it's not permanent), so she can take some time. Sure, they could've ended on a more upbeat note, with that bang people want and which Blue Beetle gave us, but I thought this worked. It didn't feel like an ending, just a break with the promise of more to come.

Justice League of America 30
The integration of these Shadow Cabinet characters into the DCU was the purpose of the story, which while good, felt forced. The byplay between Roy and Kendra in the Origins and Omens story was well done.

Wildcats 7
I'm starting to adjust to Neil Googe's art on this book, but it still doesn't feel right. Fortunately, the story's been enjoyable and it's good having this group of characters back.


  1. It is going to be awfully sad going to the comic book store and not picking up Birds of Prey or Blue Beetle.


    I'm one of those that wasn't too thrilled with the ending of BoP, but I can see where you are coming from, and I certainly will be picking up the new Oracle mini-series. I'm just worried about the rest of them, Zinda and Helena and Misfit. I mean they left their toothbrushes and stuff back in the headquarters, and here Babs goes off without a glance over her shoulder. It seemed a bit cold.

  2. I'm assuming we'll see Helena in some of the other Bat books. But I sure will miss Zinda and Misfit. Especially Zinda.