Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reviews Before Vacation

I'm on vacation. I'm also recovering from a nasty cold. I'm really tired of not feeling well. I'm also going away for 10 days, so no new comics until I get home.

I did get some comics read.

Battle for the Cowl: The Network 1
I couldn't help but wonder why characters listed on the title page didn't appear, yet Ragman, who did appear, wasn't listed for the Network. Other than that, this was a serviceable story that served well the who Batman is gone so the Bat family needs to fill in theme.

Booster Gold 20
A cute fill-in issue.

Secret Six 9
Another Battle of the Cowl tie-in and an awesome one at that. Bane, Ragdoll, and Catman put their own spin on keeping Gotham's citizens safe. Finally, the Ragdoll as Robin that we've been waiting for! One of the best DC titles right now.

Battle for the Cowl: Oracle 3
Up until the last scene in the hospital, I was enjoying this story. I don't know that Babs revealed herself too much to Calculator, but it did seem odd to see her there. Wendy waking up without need of the anti-life equation seemed anti-climactic, and her suddenly paralyzed legs would suggest her as a new Oracle, but that would mean Babs doing something else and other than becoming Batgirl again, which I would hate because it means being "girl" again and of lesser status than Batwoman who has less experience as a "cape" than Babs has. It would be a step backward. And yet, at the end of this story, Babs still can't use her legs. So, as with a lot of big stories in DC lately, the end isn't really an end, just a lead-in to something else, but we don't know what. And I'm left feeling that the Birds were disbanded for this? WTF?

Power Girl 1
A nice start to PG's new series. Gray and Palmiotti have a nice style that suits Karen and Amanda Conner's art is perfect, being fun and sexy and expressive, without being exploitive.

Flash Rebirth 2
Barry still leaves me cold. There, I've said it. Gorgeous art. The Black Flash sounds interesting. And some nice bits were fleshed out to Barry's past.

Wonder Woman 31
A solid issue, but although Chang's art is decdent, I want Lopresti back on art.

Justice Society of America 26
A lovely final issue from Johns and Co. Courtney's birthday plus trip to the dentist to have her braces removed was charming and really shows she's the heart of the JSA right now. Good show, guys! The next team has a lot to live up to.

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  1. All pretty good comics, although I must admit to being disappointed with Oracle. It seemed to end with a palpable thud.

    Have a nice vacation!