Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Brief

Some quickie reviews as I try, as usual, to catch up.

Justice League of America 34
Not bad. It wasn't the JLA that I particularly want to read about, but it was a nice enough conclusion to the current story arc.

Wonder Woman 33
Gail Simone concluded the Rise of the Olympian arc. Maybe. There's nothing new about Diana being on her own, without the Amazons, which is how this ends, but Gail made it feel fresh, and Lopresti's art, with inking by Matt Ryan, is among the best I've seen on this book.

Justice Society 27-28
A fill-in 2-parter by Jerry Ordway, with art supplied by Bob Wiacek, to bridge the gap til the new team takes over. The first half was better than the second, which got a bit bogged down with repition over the Hiroshima ghosts and it felt as if nothing was happening. But in essence, this felt stale.

Power Girl 
Aside from my love for Amanda Connor's art, I found myself nearly breathless as PG tried valiantly to get free of the "crazy monkey guy" and I'm looking forward to seeing how she finally manages it. Palmiotti writes crisp dialogue, giving PG a strong personality. The cover is stunning.

Supergirl 42
Gates, Igle, and Sibal continue the restoration of Kara as a strong character who can carry a book on her own. This is a Kara with real feelings, deep emotional conflicts, a determination to do what's right, and a youthful energy to back it up. Finally, she has a supporting cast that actually supports her. Her scenes with Lana have been great, and in this issue, the interaction between Kara and Lois after Lois learns about Lucy's activities and death were painfully realistic. Kara/Supergirl is definitely back, and I couldn't be happier. Or more relieved.

Green Arrow and Black Canary 21
With the "clever" title of Green Arrow vs Black Canary. The lack of speech is a gimmick, but it's playing out better than I'd thought past the initial scene last issue (I think I'm remembering that correctly, but the book hasn't been all that memorable lately), with the words coming in thoughts only. Ollie has his hands full with his stalker, and while the book continues to be a disappointment (I'd hoped for more Nick and Nora Charles that some bad comedy act), this issue was better than expected. At least it wasn't dull.

Secret Six 10
A new story as creepy or more so than the last gets started, with the gang in a rather nasty predicament at the chapter's end. Good times, folks. This is my favorite team book right now.

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  1. For a change, I actually liked JLA better than JSA. It's usually the other way around. Secret Six, is probably one of my favorite books right now.

    Gosh, Zeus is a tool. I can't help but think that Athena had this sort of ending in mind somehow. At least it gets Diana back with the rest of the heroes for a while.

    I'm about to give up on Green Arrow/Black Canary. I love the characters,but I'm not really enjoying this incarnation.