Saturday, June 13, 2009

Short and Sweet

The stack of comics waiting to be read is now a mountain. Actually, two of them. *sigh* Here's what I read recently.

Titans 14
I skimmed this. It focused on Vic. He ended up deciding a social life would be nice and went on a date. For some reason, I feel as if we've been through this before. Plus, it was boring.

Trinity 51-52
Nice end to this weekly series that cut to the heart of what makes Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman tick, and why they're the mind, heart, and soul of the DCU.

Greem Arrow and Black Canary 20
GA and BC see a marriage counselor, Dinah flashes back to discovering her Canary cry when she was a teen, Ollie's crazy stalker is back, and some other stuff happened. I must still be reading this for Ollie and Dinah; it can't be for the stories.

Justice League of America 33
Some nice moments for Dr. Light don't make up for the complete mess this book became. I appreciate the frustrations McDuffie had on this book re: editorial issues, but I'm hoping the next writer finds a way to make this work, because really, when the main characters become a sidenote in their own team book, something's wrong. And when the best part of a book is a preview for another book, well, that's the end right there.

Supergirl 41
Now here's a turnaround that worked. Rather than try to fix the mess left by his predecessors and risk making something murky murkier, Sterling Gates started writing a superior version of Kara, gave her a whole new outlook, a supporting cast that makes sense, and worked her into the overall Superman storyline to give SG a cohesive storyline and solid place in the DCU. His characterizations, pacing, dialogue, and plotting are first rate. After the big reveal of last issue re: Superwoman, he didn't stop with the surprises, and gave Kara a real jolt that will no doubt resonate for the next story arc and beyond. Kara matters again, and I couldn't be happier.

Wonder Woman 32
Gail Simone has really put Diana through the wringer since taking over this book and Diana is the better for it. She's stronger than she's ever been, physically and emotionally. She's a survivor, tough but fair, caring and determined, confident and capable, and when she's at her lowest, she claws her way back up, yet she never compromises her principles, no matter how frustrated, angry, or desperate she gets. As for where she and Tom might end up, who knows, but there's nothing simple or cliched about their relationship.

Batman and Robin 1
I haven't read an actual Batman book, other than the crossovers (notably The Search for Oracle and the gangwar storyline when Stephanie Brown was supposedly killed). I read the peripheral titles, mainly Nightwing, Catwoman, and Birds of Prey. I was getting tired of Bruce and as with Superman, decided, when I returned to comics in the mid-'90s, to not read the main Batman and Sueprman titles to help keep things manageable (yeah, that coulda worked out better). But I knew Dick won the cowl, so I picked this up, trusting Morrison and loving Quitely's art, and I was far from disappointed. This was fun. Creepy villains, strong dialogue, perfect characterization, and a sense of wonder put this title on my pull list. I don't know Damian well, and I don't really like him, but he's a good counterpoint to Dick. Personality-wise, Dick and Bruce were very different, and that holds for Dick and Damian. Dick and Tim would've lacked that byplay, as they have felt more like brothers when they've teamed up in the past. Dick and Damian have the feel of the old Bruce and Dick team, with a difference, a role reversal when their personalities are considered. Quitely's art is the perfect complement, catching nuances in expressions and filling in details in the backgrounds. The book is a perfect jumping on point and it's a great example of the sort of thing that made me fall in love with comics in the first place.

Zorro 13
This continues to excel, getting better and better with each issue, with its new spin on an old, beloved character. Solid writing and art keep this book on my list of favorites.


  1. Read, like the wind!

    Er...anyway, I did like Trinity. While never quite rising to the heights of 52, it never sunk to the depths of Countdown either. It was nice to have it there every week, and there were some nice character moments.

    Like you, I must be reading Green Arrow/Black Canary for the characters, I keep hoping that something good will happen.


    I have rather liked the last couple of issues of JLA, nice to see Doctor Light, and John Stewart has been shining rather nicely.

    Wonder Woman has been excellent.

    Batman & Robin was something of an unnusual pick for me, I'm not much of a Batfan, but gosh darn it, it was GOOD! It helps that I love Frank Quitely of course.

  2. Sally, I look at those stacks of unread comics and just cringe. And I didn't even mention the stack of graphic novels and compilations I haven't read, either.

  3. I know the feeling. I have so many I need to read. It's frustrating.

    Anyway, I didn't read that issue of Titans, but now I don't think I'm going to XD

    The Supergirl title is really good, and I like the art.

    I don't like Batman and Robin because I truly love the original Batman and I really don't like Damian, though Dick is a seriously good Batman. I'm just glad Jason Todd didn't get to be Batman, seeing as he's willing to kill.

    I'm glad that Morrison is writing though, because he makes the unbearable bearable XD

  4. Thanks for your comments, Lilianna. And that's funny re: Morrison, though I do know what you mean. He knows how to make comics fun. I was always more of a Dick Grayson fan than a Bruce Wayne fan, so I'm enjoying Dick as Batman.