Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Impressions with Some Spoilers

Two team books came out today, with mixed results. Justice Society of America 29 featured the first story by its new team, writers Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, and artist Jesus Merino. I usually enjoy Willingham's work, but this was just a lot of stuff thrown together. As soon as Todd didn't answer Alan's call, I knew he was the black egg thing that had been found, negating any suspense, which was not a good way to start. Characters sounds a bit off, and the new legacy characters both annoyed me. And isn't Power Girl supposed to be team leader? I don't recall that changing, yet she was barely present in the story, just standing around, although she did have a line or two, "Bring it, Cupcake" being the most memorable. And Mr. Terrific, who has shone in both this title and in Checkmate (well, at least under Rucka's skilled hand), was hardly at his best. No way that kid should have been able to take him down that easily. Am I the only one disappointed by this? I'll give this more time, but I'm gonna need a great payoff to keep me reading beyond this story.

Justice League of America 35
Written by Len Wein, so I bought it. But I'm no fan of the Royal Flush Gang. And a team consisting of Firestorm, Vixen (both of whom I do like a lot), Dr. Light, Red Tornado (neither of whom does anything for me), and Plastic Man (who I can take or leave) is not a JLA team I want to read about. I'm not sure if I'll keep reading, or just wait for the permanent new team and see what they do with this less than stellar JLA book.

Wonder Woman 34
Gail Simone is keeping the Amazon and Genocide stories percolating, while giving us a dream team-up of Diana and Black Canary. Much fun here.

I also read Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape 1-3. I'm thinking I should've waited for all 6 issues to read them all at once. Maybe the story would make sense then. It is intriguing, and a real job of mind warping, but I haven't a damn clue what's going on. I like Nemesis, which is why I'm reading this FC Aftermath title and not the others. I just hope it's worth it when finished.

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  1. Arggh! There was a mix-up at my store, so only some of the books came in. I did manage to get my mitts on JSA and Wonder Woman though. I loved Wonder Woman, but I must admit that I too am a tad skeptical that Michael could have been taken down that easily. I guess Dr. Mid-nite will be busy when they get back!

    I keep waiting for all the JSA members to finally wake up and SWITH opponents.