Friday, August 21, 2009

Some Good Reads

Streets of Gotham 3
Fun stuff. I like how Dick turned the tables on "Bruce." Board of Executives, indeed! Good stuff. As for the Manhunter backup, I like Jeanty's pencils overall, but he makes Kate look too young. She looks more like a teenager than a DA with a son. I enjoyed this first story, but I miss the supporting cast and sheer excitement of Manhunter's own book.

Batgirl 1
I do love this cover. And while it's no surprise who BG is, I'm glad it's not Babs. She's not a girl and having Steph fill the role of BG makes the most sense. And it is nice having Babs in the book. I never really read any Spoiler stories, but Steph is an interesting enough character to keep me reading, for now.

Power Girl 4
A fun issue. The new Terra is a perfect pal for PG and the scene in the movie theater was priceless. And while Connor's art is cartoonish, her expressions are so good. She's one of my favorite comics artists, so I'm really enjoying seeing her work here.

Supergirl 44
The cover wasn't as nice as previous ones, but the interior art was wonderful as usual. Igle (and Sibal) really gets Kara and his expressions are as good as Connor's. The look Lois gives Kara when they cross paths was perfect and it's good that Lois isn't all forgiving. However, the story didn't do much for me. I suppose it would have if I were reading the other Superman books.

Zorro 15
Pretty much a filler issue as stories are exchanged re: who/what is Zorro. Awesome cover.

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  1. Streets of Gotham and Power Girl were definitely my favorites. Nice to see Dick using his head, and the Amanda Connor art on Peej is just outstanding. And hilarious.