Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six Overdue Reviews

Work's been a bitch lately and most nights, I just come home and veg in front of the computer with the TV on. But I have read some comics and should post the reviews before I get too far behind on that, just like I am with the reading.

Detective 857
The art by JH Williams is so striking on the Batwoman feature. A nice resolution to the opening arc, with some mystery remaining re: Alice. And I love how Kate's father is being used. He's her "Alfred" and more. Nicely done. The Question continues to entertain, but the first arc has yet to end, so I'm reserving full judgment til it does.

Gotham City Sirens 4
This is a real whacked out book with whacked out characters (geez, is that expression right? I feel so old sometimes). Harley and the Joker make for the oddest couple and it's hard to find any main character loonier than Harley. The Justice League preview pages at the end annoyed me, taking pages away from the Sirens story (although they were better than ads would have been, I suppose, while sort of being an in-house ad). Mainly, though, the preview reinforced my decision to drop Justice League from my Pull List. That really isn't a group I want to read about.

Wonder Woman 36
This was full of awesomeness. I know that ultimately, Tom and Diana couldn't work, but it was so sad to see the breakup. And Diana teaming with Giganta was great fun. Gail has hit her stride with this book now and Lopresti is proving himself one of the best artists to take on Wonder Woman.

Power Girl 5
The female lead characters continue to shine at DC with PG here. This is not heavy duty angsty storytelling, but simply comics as fun. Palmiotti and Gray really get PG as a character and Amanda Conner, despite her cartoonish style, or maybe because of it, draws some of the best expressions in comics.

Supergirl 45
Continuing the awesomeness. Kara trying to make sense of the Reactron mess, while trying to not get captured, works well on its own, though I finally gave in and bought some of the other Superman titles so I can follow this storyline better.

Batman and Robin 5
God, I love this cover. Never thought I'd say this, but Damien makes a great Robin and is the perfect complement to Dick as Batman. Tim is a bit too much like Dick and too old for the sidekick role, while Damien is just different enough and the right age. It's the opposites that make for a great team-up: Dick being more grounded and light-hearted to Bruce's control freakness and moodiness and now Damien's pragmatism and impulsiveness, not to mention understandable cold-bloodedness (thanks to his mother and grandfather and even his father) coupled with Dick's maturity and practicality. Dick is now a nice blend of his younger self and Bruce's best traits, which makes him a good mentor for Damien. Good stuff.

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