Friday, December 25, 2009

Recent Reads The Whirlwind Tour

Here's the latest batch, and I still have so much more to read. Forbidden Planet had what is now an annual 20-per-cent-off one-day sale a few weeks ago, and along with the Tonner Catwoman doll, I bought a bunch of graphic novels. I dream of getting caught up on my reading. Ah, someday....

Detective Comics 860
The cover by Williams is stunning. His interior art is nice, too. The conclusion of Batwoman's origin is a real kicker, proving once again that Rucka is one of the top writers of comics today. The Question backup was nice, with Huntress, but more character bits and exposition than moving the story forward. Things should move into high gear next issue.

Gotham City Sirens 7
I read this for Selina, but Harley and Ivy have been enjoyable here thanks to Paul Dini who really excels at writing female characters. A character study issue that gives us some insight into both Harley and Ivy and now that we've met Harley's family, I can honestly say that she's the best adjusted one. (Can't believe I just wrote that.)

Wonder Woman 39
I was honestly getting bored with this story. I'm not the biggest Greek mythology fan and I much prefer seeing Diana deal with "Man's World." But Gail Simone gave us an ending to this arc that was truly moving. Lopresti's cover is gorgeous; he's one of the best artists for WW.

Batman 694
The book continues to excel as it nears issue 700. And another awesome DC cover this month. Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea make a good team. Dick has really grown into the Batman role.

Streets of Gotham 7
Again, great cover, featuring Manhunter. A rather odd, icky Batman story, with a neat moment of Damian showing he's still a boy and a rather human one at that. The tone here is different than in the Batman book, more like Batman and Robin, I think, and it works well. The Manhunter story rocked because it featured Dylan and I love Dylan. Apparently, the plan is to drop the backup features and without Manhunter here, much as I love Dick as Batman, I'll have to seriously think about dropping this book. I get it for Kate and Dick/Bats appears in enough other books. And I don't want to reward DC by sticking with this without Kate, cuz I'm annoyed with them. They bring on a new character I fall instantly in love with, give her a book right from the gitgo, cancel it, restore it but after perhaps too much time has passed, cancel it again, then give us this backup only to take it away again... it's just plain cruel. But I'm happy for what we've gotten.

Booster Gold 27 (Blackest Night crossover)
Ted Kord made a fun (could that be the right word?) Black Lantern, my favorite of the resurrected BLs so far. Jaime guesting was nice and I will miss his backup feature, too. Rip is, well, Rip, and I wonder if Booster will ever learn the truth and if so, how much it will affect.

Secret Six 16
I love this cover, probably my favorite of the month. Black Alice is so perfect for this book. Gail continues to make quirky characters among DC's best.

Supergirl 48
When I think I was actually dropping this book, until I decided to give Gates a chance to make Kara a great character again.... and he hasn't disappointed. Kara is firmly in the DCU now, a vital part of the Superman family, and her stories have significance and consequence. What more could anyone want from Superman's cousin?

Power Girl 7
An old-fashioned fun superhero book. I thought for a moment I was reading a book from the '60s, an issue of Lois Lane, perhaps, but with a '00's sensibility. Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner might not be giving us the serious, somber PG of the JSA, but they are giving us a character who's comfortable in her own skin who doesn't always take herself seriously. Conner's exaggerated facial expressions can convey so much, you almost don't need the words.

Batgirl 5
I can't believe how many good, female-centric books I now have to read. Stephanie makes a fun, capable Batgirl even if she screws up now and then and doesn't do things by the book, or even as Babs would've done things. She is her own person and she's not like anyone else out there who pulls on a costume and fights crime. She has her own voice, her own way of doing things, and despite setbacks, they work. Her scenes with Damian were great. He's such a little prick.


  1. I love reading your reviews because you have SUCH good taste in comics. I.E. you read mostly all the same books that I do. There was much to love in the recent offerings. I'm liking Batwoman a whole heck of a lot more, and the artwork is simply insanely gorgeous. Power Girl is hilarious and just fun. I rather miss fun sometimes.

    I too thought that the recent Wonder Woman storyline was dragging a bit, so it will be nice to move on. Glad that Alkyone got hers in the end.

  2. Yes, we do have similar taste in comics, Sally. That's why I have to be careful of your posts. I can't usually read them until I've read my comics so I don't see any spoilers! ;)