Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time, She Does Fly

And I may never catch up with my reading. Here's what I have read in the last week or two. That so many titles feature strong, enjoyable female characters is, sadly, still rare enough to be worth mentioning.

Titans 21
Yeah, I know, I'd dropped this. But Roy's in it. Minus his arm. So, I hadda get it. Y'know? The art was average. There were some nice moments with Donna and Dinah at Roy's bedside. Otherwise, meh. (More on the subject matter in another post.)

Power Girl 8
I can't say enough good things about this comic. It's FUN! Pure fun. Fortunately, for Kara, helping out Vartox with his planet's problem did not involve the actual sex act and the story ends happily ever after as Kara and Vartox go their separate ways. If you aren't reading this, why not? It's what comics used to be yet better!

Streets of Gotham 8
Dick goes undercover and in the second feature, Kate/Manhunter takes on Two-Face. I'm really enjoying this book.

Batgirl 6
More proof that books starring females are among the best DC publishes now. Stephanie is growing into the role of Batgirl while maintaining her life as a less than enthused college student. The art's nice and Batman and Robin make for good guest stars. Steph and Damian are a fun pairing.

Green Lantern 49
A BN issue focusing on John Stewart, as I recall. It's been so long since I read it. Anyway, it was great. The whole GL aspect of BN has excelled.

BN Flash 1 and BN Wonder Woman 1
Both aren't necessary for following Blackest Night, but they are well done. WWW especially offers an interesting take on the theme, with part 1 actually an ending of sort instead of a cliffhanger leading to book 2. I really liked that it could stand on its own that way. And Scott's art is wonderful. The cover, a reverse of Diana breaking Max Lord's neck, is amazingly realistic.

Gotham City Sirens 8
Focus on Ivy and the growing friendship among the three stars of the book: Selena, Ivy, and Harley. The cover is striking and there was a lot of actual emotion in this, plus an appearance by Ed Nigma.

Detective 861
The double female features of Batwoman and Question really make this book special. Both are strong characters and having Huntress helping out Renee was great. And I love that Betty Kane is appearing in the Batwoman story. And we get an intriguing mystery.

Supergirl 49
It took me a while to get past Middleton's beautifully evocative cover. I enjoyed the resolution to the Banshee story and the cause of Lana's illness, aside from being icky, was dramatically explored. I still pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming when I read this book, that's how great it's become.


  1. Been having problems with comment moderation. First, when I went to publish, Blogger told me it already was. Now that's happening, but the comment's not appearing.

    So, at the risk of this showing up twice, SallyP said this:

    All excellent books. Power Girl in particular, is hilarious. I've been enjoying the heck out of Batwoman, which really surprises me, since when she first debuted, I was pretty wishy-washy. And Manhunter is always good.

    The tie-ins to Blackest Night have been relatively nicely done. There has been a certain amount of grousing on the various message boards that they are all the same, and not necessary to the main story. Well...that's true to a point. They aren't necessary to know what is going on, but if you have a favorite character, it is nice to be able to pick up a book and see what he or she has been up to, during the whole kerfuffle.

  2. I agree about the BN tie-ins. I'm getting only the ones for characters I normally read.

    Maybe I should try turning moderation off for a while and seeing what happens.

  3. I saw that my husband has the Wonder Woman Blackest Night comic in his pile in the living room...