Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ladies Day

Brave and the Bold 33
It's become the norm for there to be a comic featuring a female lead each week and on some weeks, more than one. This was one of those weeks when both Karas had their books come out, but there was also this treat by J. Michael Straczynski and Cliff Chiang.

When I read the solicit for The Brave and the Bold 33, I figured we'd get a traditional heroes join up to fight some great evil in one issue, only with Diana, Zee, and ... well, Babs, so I figured maybe a flashback issue. Then I started reading it and didn't know what to think because no big evil was showing up and it seemed like a frivolous character piece, some fluff, but then I got the feeling I knew what was going on, and then Diana starts telling Babs about Oracles and well, this brought a tear to my eye. Nicely played, Mr. JMS. And Chiang's art, as always, is a delight.

Power Girl 11
This shows the true heroic nature and good heart of PG, and her friendship with Terra is one of the best written friendships in comics, with a nice touch of mentoring thrown in. The issue also sets up a nice showdown for Kara and Satanna next issue, the last for the current team. I'm going to miss Gray, Palmiotti, and Conner on this book. A lot.

Supergirl 52
I haven't been reading all the books in this story, so came to this chapter a bit cold, but it read fine and there were some nice character bits with Kara and Brainiac 5, lovestruck genius that he is. I might have to read the next chapter in Superman.


  1. Brave and the Bold was indeed quite moving. You get suckered into thinking it's just a lighthearted romp...and then you realize the seriousness that is running through the background. And gosh, the art was just glorious.

    Equally glorious for Power Girl. I'm glad Terra was saved. And we now know that the Ultra-Humanite can't blame society anymore...he's really just obnoxious all on his own.

  2. Oh yeah, Ultra-Humanite really needs an attitude adjustment. ;)