Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comics I Did Like

Secret Six 23
This was a nice fill-in issue by John Ostrander, with art by Silva and Palamaro. A classic hunt-the-heroes (well, in this case, the protagonists; I'd hardly call the Six heroes) story that had no real suspense, but did contain many fun, iconic character moments. The last panel was especially delightful.

I realized I never commented on issue 22. It was a gritty, grim ending to a powerful story that fleshed out Catman's character. He's been my favorite of the Six, and this story has just reinforced that. It's scary what he's capable of, and why.

Supergirl 53
Yeah, I'm a bit late with some of these. I got distracted by the Wonder Woman mess. Anyway, in this, Kara -- call me Linda -- copes with the changes in her life. She comes across as a real teen. Finally, we've been given a modernized version of the classic Supergirl and I couldn't be happier.

Birds of Prey 2
Gail has started this revived book off with a topnotch mystery and plenty of suspense as a powerful enemy takes on Babs and the Birds, hitting Babs where it hurts most: her rep and those of the Birds and by threatening and making good on those threats on their lives. Ed Benes' art has really matured and this is the best work he's done. His facial expressions are especially nice. These women don't just look beautiful. They look tough.

Batgirl 11
I'm enjoying this even more than I'd dare hope. Steph is a great character and perfectly suited to be BG. She's tough, intelligent, impulsive, and funny, qualities I love in my costumed crimefighters. Calculator is a great adversary for Babs, here and in his appearances in BoP. I love Babs' dream life. And with Babs occupied, Steph is left to handle the nefarious plot by herself, until Calculator's daughter jumps in to help. In some ways, this is Birds of Prey, Junior Division and I'm loving it.

Gotham City Sirens 13
Sometimes, this book really does feel like a continuation of Catwoman's book, with Harley and Ivy merely supporting characters for Selina. This story definitely had that vibe, bringing back Selina's sister, who is now mentally unhinged and desperate to "save" Selina by destroying the evil within her. And while this story ended, the door was left open for a return appearance. Cool. Kudos to Tony Bedard for not undoing all the good that had been done with Catwoman in her book.


  1. These WERE all very good books. I can see that perhaps I should be picking up Batgirl, because all of the feedback has been quite positive.

  2. You should definitely give Batgirl a try, Sally. It's been loads of fun. I didn't have high expectations for it, so I've been pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying it.