Friday, August 06, 2010

Stephanie Has Arrived

And isn't she lovely?

Stephanie Brown, Batgirl

The original Batgirl is looking on from the background. :)

Only picked up 2 comics this week. Haven't read Brightest Day yet, but Secret Six 24 was entertaining, if a bit odd, with a wild west setting and the gang all getting killed. With the one-off last week, I'm a bit confused, wondering if this is also a standalone story by Gail, or if it's the start of something. I guess we'll find out next time. Maybe. :)


  1. Nice action figure! It definiltey looks like one of the better-designed Batgirls.

  2. Thanks. She doesn't balance as well as some others, standing-wise, but she's otherwise, perfect.

  3. Gosh, that's an awful purty Batgirl.

    Brightest Day is pretty awesome as a matter of fact, they actually are getting some answers about why they were all resurrected this issue. And the old West version of Secret Six was a hoot, although I'm a little puzzled if it is supposed to be a part of something else, or simply a stand-alone story.

  4. I would've been sure the Secret Six story was a standalone if not for having a recent fill-in standalone. Now I'm not sure. And with Gail, one can never be sure. :)

  5. If I were GI Joe, I'd totally be banging Batgirl.

  6. lol. Stephanie might have something to say about that. ;)