Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whirlwind of Comics

Well, not really. We had a few tornadoes here in NYC on Thursday, though, and I had no cable service until Friday evening. No TV. No internet except via my phone and I hate typing on those tiny keys.

I did read a few comics.

I caught up with Gotham City Sirens, reading issues 14-15. Ivy really got played by the plant alien, but she came to her senses in time and seems to have a new ally, of sorts. This comic continues to be fun.

Birds of Prey 5
This continuation of the first arc was rather uneven and I don't just mean the disjointed art. Seriously, people, the art needs to be fixed. One solid art team throughout, same as before the cancellation. I did like the cover, however. I love the scenes of Babs with Savant and Creote. Emotional stuff there. And Zinda and Helena make for a fun team. But the White Canary stuff for Dinah is falling flat and seems both abrupt and out-of-character.


  1. I feel pretty much the same way about Birds of Prey. I liked PARTS of it, but yeah, the bit with Dinah and White Canary just aren't doing it for me.

    And ye Gods, the art. I never thought that I'd be nostalgic for Ed Benes, but at least he's consistent, and he CAN actually draw.

  2. Benes draws sexy women, but yes, he can draw and he is consistent. I like his expressions, too. His women might be sexy, but they're also strong, even fierce. In some panels in BoP, they looked like bimbos.