Monday, October 11, 2010

Jamal Igle on Leaving Supergirl

Jamal Igle posted about his choice to leave Supergirl. He told me this at NYCC and I understand the need to move on to new challenges. I wish Sterling Gates could've stayed as there are too many plot threads I'd like to see continued and any new writer would have his or her own ideas for stories and wouldn't be expected to continue what someone else came up with. Hopefully, the last Gates/Igle issues will finish off most of the loose threads, especially where Lucy Lane is concerned, not to mention Kara's relationship with Lana, and I hope Kara continues to live with Lana and that their relationship continues to grow.


  1. Somehow, it's always depressing when you have a really great team on a book, and you wish that they could go on forEVER, and that never happens of course.

    I'm still mourning the loss of Pat Gleason. Thank goodness he's going to be on Batman and Robin WITH Tomasi!

  2. Yeah, I know the feeling. There are so many books I've felt that about. Power Girl is a recent example. I'm giving the new team until the end of the current arc, then will decide whether or not to drop it. And don't get me started again on WW.

    I just hate dropping female-centric books because I worry it sends the message we don't want the books rather than we don't like the direction the books are taking.