Thursday, November 04, 2010

So Far Behind

The To Read stacks of comics here are getting scary. Did read Secret Six on the way home today. Talk about convoluted. It's getting hard to tell what side anyone is on. And Waller is definitely someone you love to hate.

Meanwhile, Dark Horse has Last Kiss Comics goodies: including mugs and sticky notes. I love Last Kiss and these goodies would make nice gifts. They should be hitting comic stores, soon.


  1. For some unknown reason, I absolutely adore Amanda Waller. I can't even explain why, because heaven knows, she's done some appalling things. On the other hand,I simply loathe Spy Smasher, so I was glad...GLAD to see her get schooled so well by the Wall.

  2. Yes. Spy Smasher is a wannbe. Waller is the real deal.