Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yet Another Reason Why I'm Glad I Stopped Reading Titans

Because this is just too annoying. Sometimes, I think the writers/editors handling Roy Harper today felt deprived that they didn't get to write him as an addict. Denny O'Neill got to do that. So they got him hooked on drugs again, and made him more of a jerk than he ever was. And now he'll have a confrontation with Dick. Sheesh.

Someone let me know when Roy's clean again, his friendship with Dick is restored, and it's safe to read about him again. Thanks. And if Lian is ever brought back from the dead, I want to hear about it pronto. ;)


  1. Poor Roy. I've pretty much given up reading anything with him in it lately, because it's just too painful.

  2. Same with me. Just glancing at it in the comic shop was painful.