Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three Reviews

Brightest Day 22
In which the White Lantern claims another! Well, sorta. Firestorm battles the Anti-Monitor, Ronnie has a moving moment with Prof. Stein after which the professor kicks off, and Ronnie accepts Jason, which is really what the White Lantern was after. Then Deadman shows up to claim the lantern. All in all, entertaining, and plenty of bang for the $2.99.

Legacies 10
This turned out to be a disappointment. The earlier chapters read better than the later ones, and the narrator's story turned out to not be as interesting as it was at the start. It was sad, too, how he ended up in a nursing home -- what, his daughter couldn't find a way to have him live with her family? -- and no one believes his stories. Sad and pathetic and a letdown. The Blue Beetle backup feature was something I could've done without and the pages could've been used to flesh out the main story, but whatever.

Batman 708
Dick sure is getting his fair share of the weirdo cases. I've never been a fan of Azrael, but I adore Dick (and with Roy now destroyed as a character, Dick's my main comics crush), and this is intriguing enough to keep me interested.

I've got more to read, plus I still have some stacks of comics going back a couple of years waiting for me to read them. There's just not enough time!


  1. Brightest Day was decent, I thought. Not quite as exciting as the issue with J'onn, but not bad. I am getting a bit interested in seeing how this is all going to play out.

    And Legacies did seem to end with a whimper, didn't it?

    I didn't pick up the Bat book, but I'm glad that you've been able to move on a bit from Roy.

    Poor Roy.

  2. Heh, yeah, thanks, Sally. I've always been a Dick Grayson fan. He was my second favorite, and I loved his friendship with Roy. It was prickly, but it was heartfelt. I miss that. At least I get a lot of Dick love with him in so many titles and being all heroic and angsty. :)