Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lazy Blogger

I have been reading. Actually, I've been reading The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, a YA science fiction dystopian series that's better than I expected. I finished book 2, Catching Fire, last night and am starting book 3, Mockingjay. Well worth reading, especially if you, like me, enjoy young adult fiction.

Now, on to comics! There might be a spoiler or two, but I did wait a while before posting.

Secret Six 32
The things folks do for love, especially the Secret Six gang, and Knockout's in the middle of it. Just seeing Ragdoll so devious is a treat. This book continues to impress.

Birds of Prey 11
And speaking of Birds of Prey, Catman and Huntress finally hook up, sorta. Thomas is a real jerk, but for a noble reason. And he's still an idiot, but now I love him even more. And I can't help thinking about him and Cheshire and Roy and Cheshire and is it wrong to want to see the three of them in a story together? Provided it's a Roy not being written as a junkie who's given up on himself, that is.

Brightest Day 23
Wow. Did. Not. See. That. Coming. And I can't help thinking part of the reason I didn't is that I didn't is because I never read the Swamp Thing books with the whole tree of life or whatever it is storyline. I know only the original Swamp Thing. This should prove interesting.

Freedom Fighters 8
Uncle Sam is back and the team is victorious, except for Firebrand, of course. I really hate deaths of characters I like, but given the epic struggle, it makes sense someone would be killed, and Andre was really one of the lesser known characters. It worked in the story.

Green Lantern 63 and 64
The prologue for the War of the Green Lanterns and Part 1. This was a fairly good read, but I'm getting a bit worn down by all the epic GL vs GL kind of battles.

Booster Gold 43
The first of the interim team's issues that I actually enjoyed. Then again, it had the LSH and featured Brainiac 5, so what was there not to enjoy? Still, I'll be glad to have the book back on its more serious track.

Red Robin 22
I don't normally read this, but it's part of the Judgment on Gotham storyline, so I picked it up. Not bad. I do like Tim. The story's a bit murky and mysterious, and I don't like Azrael, but I'm trusting there will be a solid payoff at the end.


  1. All pretty good books, actually, although for some reason that still eludes me, I STILL haven't been able to find a copy of the latest Brightest Day! My beloved Comic Book Store guy has promised faithfully that I will have it by this Wednesday...we shall see.

    It's also nice to actually break down and read REAL books once in a while of course. I usually have two or three going at once.

  2. I hope you get Brightest Day 23 this week because 24 is due next week. And yes, real books are fun, too, though without the pictures, they aren't as pretty. ;)

  3. Aha! I DID manage to get my greedy paws on BD #23! And I was worried that #24 wasn't there, so I am relieved that I didn't miss it as well.

    It's true that pictures do add a lot to the reading experience!