Friday, June 10, 2011

Counting Down to the DCU Reboot

Y'know what would've been cool? If DC had just started over. Everything. Wiped out all that's come before and rebooted the universe. They could've started with Superman arriving in Metropolis and feed us his origin in flashbacks over a few issues. And Batman would've just finished training as... well... being Batman and his origin could've been shown in flashbacks. Same for Wonder Woman. Or just do each origin as a one-shot origin issue, with all the tweaking a reboot would require. That would start the universe with the traditional trinity of the DCU.

Then slowly, over the next few months, more titles would get added, some with actual origin issues because the characters would be adults getting their powers, rather than starting with childhood events (Kal arriving on Earth as a baby, Bruce being orphaned young, Diana being formed out of clay). And the excitement would've built up over maybe 3-4 months as to what new comics would be added with what rebooted characters. And they'd all get to meet for the first time. It would be contemporary and traditional.

That's how I would've done it. And if that's how they would've done it, I wouldn't be drastically reducing my pull list.

Meanwhile, here's a review of a book getting canceled.

Secret Six 34 was everything Gail Simone does best. I thought I'd reviewed it already, but apparently not. The unlikely friendship of these characters, the depth of their emotions, would be hard to surpass. And Scandal Savage has become one of my favorite characters, a frightening mix of strength and vulnerability, with some brutality thrown in for good measure. Now she has to decide which of two lovers she loves more. I'll miss this book greatly.

Another I'll  miss because I won't be reading it in its upcoming version is Birds of Prey. Issue 13 brought the creepy story with Junior to a satisfying close. Huntress and Renee made a great duo, Catman had a nice cameo, and the artist, Diego Olmos, captured each character perfectly. I can't believe the book was restarted a year ago only to have the team broken up come September.

Booster Gold 44
I was thrilled to have Jurgens back, but I just skimmed this due to the Flashpoint storyline. I'd been looking forward to Flashpoint, but given what's coming with the reboot, I've lost interest in this. It's a damn shame.


  1. *sigh*

    I love Secret Six with a white hot passion. Also, Catman is HAWT! And so is Deadshot. Ragdoll...not so much. But anyway it is a fabulous book, and I am going to miss it terribly.

    Birds of Prey also has me a bit worried. I guess that Dinah is still there, but who gives a crap about Poison Ivy? I don't even LIKE Poison Ivy. I love Zinda, dagnabit. And Manhunter, and Huntress, and Barda, and yes, even Dove is ok. Poison Ivy doesn not DO it for me.

    I do hope that they keep on with Booster, although he will at least be appearing in JLI, because I love Booster too.

    There are some things that DC is doing that makes me happy, but there are a lot of things that make me very very nervous.

  2. Yeah, Catman and Deadshot are top hunks of the DCU.

    And it's not BoP without Babs/Oracle. And I don't like Dinah's new costume. None of this can be considered continuing from before, so why not just start the whole universe over. This makes no sense to me.