Thursday, July 21, 2011

The End of the Super Marriage is Big News

The NY Daily News had something to say about Superman in the DCnU. Just reading the two pages that have been circulating all over the comics blogosphere today, I've got to say: I can't go through this again. I've read Clark as dweeb for so many years, decades, even. And while I don't read all the Superman books, I was thrilled that good guy Clark finally got the woman of his dreams. I really don't want to read all that angst until he wins her over, again.

I get that it's new to a lot of people. I get that the younger writers are itching to write it. Don't mean I gotta read it. And I won't.


  1. Bit late, but better late than never: my take on the subject.

  2. Well said. I left you a comment.