Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Run Reviews

I feel like I'm writing obits rather than reviews and I keep putting off the task, as if that would make these wonderful titles live longer. But alas, September is nearly upon us, bringing the DCnU with it, and I must say goodbye to these cherished friends. Oh sure, I'll reread them, but it won't be the same as that first read when it's fresh and I'm wondering what will happen. Still, I'll savor them in rereading, and maybe someday, the PTB at DC will realize the error of their ways and restore sanity to the company and return my beloved DCU.

Among the friends I'm saying farewell to...

Supergirl 67
What an awkward number to end on. A lovely cover, nice enough art inside, a sense of fun to the story brings this book to a bittersweet close. Not as special as the Gates/Igle run, which should be considered classic, this last story ended better than I'd thought and left Kara/Linda in a good place emotionally.

Batman 713
Oh, my. Not what I'd expected. This was a love letter to the fans by Nicieza and a team of artists, rather than a traditional story. A fable in one issue. Sweet.

Birds of Prey 15
The art was as schizo as last issue. I don't mind splitting art chores, but the art has to be good throughout and in this story, half still is fairly ugly. As for the story, it was decent enough, but hardly the big finish I wanted.

Booster Gold 47
The only Flashpoint book I've been reading. So I guess Booster fixed time, but not quite and the DCnU is the result? What a waste of the last issues of one of my favorite books.

Batman and Robin 26
From the wacky cover I was expecting something a lot better than what I got. Another book going out with a whimper instead of a bang. I suppose if the book was continuing as is, this might be the start of something that could build into something cool down the road, but alas, it's not to be.


  1. It is true, as some people keep pointing out, that we can always go and reread our books, and revisit our beloved characters. But as you have so aptly pointed's just not the same.

    And yes...things do seem to be ending with a bit of a thud for most of the books. Oddly enough, the Retroactive books have been uniformly excellent. Which, I suppose just points how much better things USED to be.

  2. I didn't get many of the retro books. I was underwhelmed by the crappy paper. ;)

    And I can't even muster enthusiasm for Wednesday Comic Day this week. Not much left to get. :(