Friday, September 30, 2011

Well Into DCnU Now

And yet, I'm still working my way through a stack of DCU, aka pre-DCnU, books.

I'm taking my time with these "older" universe books, savoring them like the fine wine they are.

For instance, Batgirl. The Steph Brown BG. I love(d) this book. And Batgirl 24 epitomized all that was wonderfully perfect about this book. From the awesome cover to the last panels with Steph and Babs, this book rocked. Steph has her showdown with dear old dad who's now in prison, and has a lovely scene with her mother. But then, we also got to see amazing pages of her remembered hallucinations while under the influence of Mercy, the powerful hallucinogen her father doused her with, and well, this was a bittersweet sendoff for one of DC's best and brightest books and I can't begin to explain how much I'll miss it.

As for the new DC, I tried Grifter and Voodoo, two characters from the Wildstorm universe which I didn't mind seeing rebooted in the DCnU proper. Both diverged quite a bit from the original versions of the characters while keeping the flavor of who they were in WildCats.

Grifter shows the most promise of the two, with Cole being as badass as he was before and the book setting up an intriguing mystery. The art was nice, too, though there was more spittle in mouths than I like. Makes him look like he's drooling.

Voodoo also sets up a mystery, and introduces both Pris and agents hunting her. Hard to tell yet who's good and who's bad in this, and it might be more complicated than good vs. evil. Pris is an alien of some sort, but from where and why she's here, we have yet to discover. I'm hoping the journey to the answers are worth the time I'm going to give this because I did love Voodoo in Wildstorm. Sure, there's a titillation factor, but Pris, as I recall, was a very sexual woman, one who used all she had, including her body, as a means to an end, but she was no pushover. I do recall vulnerability in her and some self-confidence issues. It's been a while since I read Wildcats. But I'm willing to go along with this here, because the women working in the sex club, while stereotyped, are knowingly pandering to a class of men who objectify women and I want to see if Ron Marz will take this to something more empowering for women, especially Pris, who as an alien, clearly has other issues to deal with, too. And I so love the cover. So I'll stick with this through the first story arc.

Which brings me to the books I haven't read nor plan to read. The ones being vilified all over the comic blogosphere. Namely, Catwoman and that Red Hood book that Roy Harper is unfortunately starring in, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and all I can say is that I'm very glad I'm not reading either. You can find lots of links to posts about there on Dispatches from the Fridge because I can't begin to link to all of them, let alone the best of them.

So, for the record, I like when Bruce and Selina are romantically involved. I liked in the old DCU when they had sex, or it was at least, implied. I like that there was emotion there, and on Earth 2, they were actually married before she was killed, and the had a daughter.... excuse me. I got caught up in a moment of nostalgia.

But those panels/pages I saw posted were just ugly. Sorry, Judd Winick, but edgy they ain't. They sure weren't sexy, except possibly to teen boys and the men who never grew up. Aside from the art, which seemed odd in places, especially Batman's torso, I just didn't like seeing Selina like that. I'm no prude, no, that's not my objection here. But Selina of the DCU had come so far and was such a cool character, and while she took what she wanted, she certainly wouldn't take Batman like that. That Selina was above that, miles past it. She wanted Bruce, but she wanted him the way a mature woman wants a man. As an equal. As someone desired for herself and not her body.

As for the Red Hood book, I'm not reading it because I detest Jason Todd, but now, seeing how sexualized Kory is, based on the pages I saw, and how moronic Roy is, all I can say is, "Feh." Sorry, DC, but that's not how a woman who enjoys sex would act. That's how a damaged woman, a vulnerable woman would act. And the guy who goes with her is essentially agreeing to rape her. And while the old Roy would hop in bed with any female who was interested, I like to think he'd draw the line at taking advantage of someone clearly as vulnerable as Kory seems. They were friends, for crying out loud. And I can't see him hanging out with Jason, either, so he clearly isn't the Roy of old.

But then, that's why I'm not reading these books. Because I can't get what was out of my head. I can't get past who these characters are/were to me. I wish someone would just wake me when the DCnU is over.

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