Monday, October 03, 2011

The Crisis Crisis

So the Crisis never happened? Here's my take on things, which given I'm reading very, very little of the DCnU, should be taken with a handful of salt.

Crisis happened. Everything happened. As with the post-Crisis, end of the multiverse times, there's no collective memory of it. Back then, time just rebooted itself and plopped people into place as if there had never been a multiverse, but of course, some characters outside the bubble, so to speak, did remember and that led to the second Crisis.

So now, no one recalls the old 'verses. Flashpoint reset everything, with some characters having a history that reflects the Crisis and post-Crisis times and others not.

For us veterans of Doctor Who and Torchwood, this wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff is no big deal.

And I still have no interest in reading most of it.

And someday, we'll have a new reality in the DC realm. And maybe it'll be one I'm interested in reading.


  1. The only wibbly-wobbly stuff here is what's between Dan Didio's ears ^_^

  2. LOL, MetFanMac. Yeah, I really want to know what Didio's on because I want some. ;)

  3. Anonymous11:40 AM EDT

    Then again editorial statements that "X" or "Y" never happend aren't canon themselves until stories directly contradict those stories.

    I remember one Marvel editor, back in the 1980's, publicly stating that there are no homosexuals in the Marvel Universe. Hasn't quite worked out that way.

  4. Good point, Shawn. One thing I've learned about the DCU: canon is whatever they say it is at that moment.