Saturday, October 15, 2011

NYCC 2012 Has Begun!

I missed out on Thursday's Pro Hours because I didn't know they were going to do them Thursday evening, so I didn't ask for that off on my vacation request last fall and had to work. :(

Today was a madhouse. I met up with 4 friends I met via flickr, which was very cool. Two are friends I've gone on photoshoots with after meeting them in person a few years ago, one I met in person at last year's NYCC, and the other I met for the first time a few years ago and haven't seen since. It's great getting to meet online friends.

We mostly walked around taking pictures and shopping/browsing at the toy vendors. And I got David Horvath to sign my vinyl Critterbox Cinko. Tomorrow, I plan to hit Artist Alley and some of the comics vendors. I'd love to fill in some GNs and compilations I'm still missing.

David Horvath
Dr. Horrible

Some DC Cosplay

DC Booth

DC Booth

Zombie Nurses!

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