Thursday, November 10, 2011

DCnU Not So New

Read issue 2 of Voodoo and issue 3 of Grifter and I'm not feeling the love. I don't hate them, but I'm not seeing anything special in them, either.

Voodoo has a lot of sex in it, so far, which doesn't bother me, as Pris is using her sexuality more than being exploited because of it and even exploitation doesn't bother me if it's part of a larger story, but the thing here is, even allowing for a snail's pace of revealing the backstory, precious little is happening here. Yeah, there was some action, but I don't feel anything is really building here as opposed to wandering. I'll stick with it for another couple of issues, but I suspect I'll be dropping it. The tease of a Green Lantern appearing next issue is not helping as I've been avoiding the regular DC characters, except for Batwoman.

Grifter started out with an intriguing mystery, and while it's not meandering the way Voodoo is, it's not exactly great, either. The art is fine, but there's nothing that feels new here. And rather than letting me get into an alternate version of Cole, I'm finding myself missing the original very much. The reason for him wearing the mask, even what it looks like, is rather silly. Cole was my favorite Wildstorm character, but right now, I don't really care about him. I did in the first two issues, but this third one has squandered the emotions it built up. And visiting Seattle, home of Green Arrow, next issue? Oy vey!


  1. I haven't been reading Voodoo, but oddly enough the tease of Kyle showing up in issue #3 means that I probably WILL pick it up. I'm such a sap sometimes.

  2. It'll be an interesting issue. Maybe things will actually perk up in the book. ;)

  3. Oh you r great! this is actually the second blog of comics I would ever read (the other one is this, check it out It have a nice essay )

    Your post about Roy Harper was inspiring, Is such a shame he got to apear in the worst issue of the 52 (and they erased his daughter! The humanity!) after all the praying I did for the reboot to erase the sad cry for justice.