Monday, February 25, 2013

DC Death Spoiler

Seriously, don't read unless you want to be spoiled for a book coming out this week. Namely, Batman Inc, which I don't read.

(Spoiler Space)

Okay? Still with me?

Apparently, DC revealed to the NY Post that Damian's buying the farm. Hardly the newspaper I'd choose, but whatever. While I had no problems with killing off Jason "Robin" Todd way back when, he was a teen and one of the most annoying characters in DC history. This Robin is a child. And while annoying, he's also fun to read about in all sorts of ways Jason never was.

I get that they want to get back to basics, perhaps, and Damian is not part of the original Batman and Robin concept because he's Bruce's flesh and blood. They shouldn't have kept him in the New 52 in the first place. The way the de-aged characters and collapsed time, Bats having so many Robins in so few years made no sense, let alone Bruce having a son as old as Damian. All this is is more child killing. First was Lian Harper, and now Damian Wayne. And I, for one, will not be reading it.

Since I consider the New 52 an alternate reality, I know Damian will still be alive in the old DCU, but as I was enjoying him with Huntress (and Power Girl) in World's Finest, I'll miss the kid. Jason was brought back to life. So were a lot of characters, so perhaps Damian will be revived someday, too. Probably in the next reboot, which should be in another 2-5 years.


  1. Well dang it all. I will admit that it took me a good while to warm up to Damian, but I have to say that I actually rather like the little monster now.

    Seriously, DC, do we really NEED to off another kid?

    Boy that refridgerator is getting awfully full.

    1. Sometimes, I think DC is purposefully trying to see how much they can piss people off.

  2. I think it's just as well I officially Stopped Giving A Crap quite a while ago. I'm like Scarecrow in Blackest Night, nothing fazes me.