Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three Reviews

World's Finest 11
To accommodate an ad, the covers this week (month, I suppose) are pullouts, which means extra cover art, which in this case is a good thing, other than the cliche woman with leg lifted during a smooch, that is. Huntress and Power Girl pursue the mystery of Michael Holt Industries and the answer isn't good, which isn't exactly a shock. The alternating art continues, this time with Ken Lashley and Barry Kitson doing the honors and quite capably. I really liked Kitson back when he worked on Titans, so it's nice seeing him on this.

Miss Fury 1
I'm unfamiliar with this old time character, but it's a female character from Dynamite and I've been enjoying their books, so I gave this a try. I got the one with Alex Ross' stark and stunning cover. Something about Miss Fury's look reminds me of Catwoman with the black outfit. The interior art by Jack Herbert, an artist whose work I don't recall seeing before, is quite nice, with some panels/pages that are stunning. Marla Drake/Miss Fury is drawn as a real woman, and the details in the panels add a level of realism that really helps move the story along. The story starts in 1943 with Nazis in New York intrigue, but ends up in 2013, and while the bit of time traveling seems sketchy, the possibilities of the time switch appear limitless, with Nazis still a force to be reckoned with. A quick addition to my Pull List.

And a holdover from last week because I didn't want to post just one review...
Batwoman 18
There was something fun about Batwoman in action with Chase talking in Kate's ear and Hawkfire in action with Jake talking in Bette's ear. Batman makes a cameo visit which gives Batwoman the chance to show her independence. A solid outing, if not spectacular.

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