Thursday, May 02, 2013

What I've Read This Week

I managed to read three of my week's stash on the subway ride home today. Yeah, I got them a day late due to needing to visit the doctor yesterday. Apparently, while I can play with cats, I can't live with them. Spending a week with a friend who has three cats has given me a severe case of congestion akin to an asthmatic reaction. So, no cat ownership in my future.

World's Finest with Huntress and Power Girl 12
I've never been a big New Gods fan, other than Mr. Miracle and Big Barda, but I'll forgive the appearance of Desaad posing as Michael Holt because PG is back in her iconic costume. The art team, and there were plenty of artists working on this book, continues to do a nice job, and the story continues to entertain.

Miss Fury 2
I doubt time travel has ever been more confusing, thanks perhaps to the abrupt back and forth of the storytelling, but I'm still intrigued by the Nazis in 2013 plot and the art... wow, I just love the art. It's like painting or even photos in its realism and detail. Jack Herbert, along with colorist Ivan Nunes, deserve kudos for the look of this book.

The Movement 1
The latest book by Gail Simone, with art by Freddie Williams II. A lot is going on in this book. Gail throws a lot at us, but focusing on a group of self-styled heroes trying to help their down and out neighborhood without police intervention. The police are not welcome in the 'Tweens, named for the range of streets that form the neighborhood. The art is nice and messy and the story has potential. I can't wait to see where Gail takes it.


  1. It IS nice to see Peej back in her proper togs.

    I got the Movement as well. It is setting a lot of things up, but it does at least look interesting, and I guess I'll tag along to see where Gail takes it.

    1. At least the Movement is different than the usual fare, so I'm hopeful.