Thursday, June 20, 2013


Four reviews. Two from last week's comics and two from this week's. Actually, this week's are the only comics I picked up yesterday, though I did get the second Saga trade. I'll get caught up on Saga one of these days and actually write my review of it. One of these days.

World's Finest 13
I love the team of PG and Huntress, Earth-2 style, and having them trapped on Earth-1 is fine, but I've never been a fan of the New Gods, so having that become the core of the book isn't thrilling me, but the storyline remains entertaining enough and the art, while no longer among my favorites, is still decent. Plus, I love having Power Girl back in a version of her iconic costume.

Nightwing 21
Dick's hunt for Tony Zucco in Chicago has been surprisingly entertaining. Surprisingly, because I'd worried that taking him out of Gotham would turn out to be a bad move, but because of the problems of being a costumed crimefighter in Chicago, what with someone having killed them off and the cops being suspicious and all, it's put Dick in an intriguing position, that of complete outsider while pursuing his mission, along with the need to avoid if possible, altercations with the police. I wasn't sure I liked the idea of Zucco still being alive, but it's an interesting idea and it's playing out well so far. The art by Booth and Rapmund is nice, too, though I don't like the faces with the wide grins and limited expressions.

Batwoman 21
A fill-in issue, with the appropriate title, Interlude III. Batwoman makes a cameo appearance in her own book, with Killer Croc taking center stage. He even narrates the story. Croc never was a favorite of mine, and this didn't help change my mind. The art was messy, fitting for the story, but still, kinda meh.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 21
This is getting even angstier, if that's possible. Tynion is pulling out all the stops in separating Jason, Kori, and Roy. What is Hugo Strange's true role in the fiasco? I have to admit, having him as Roy's shrink is a stroke of genius, and setting up a showdown between the League of Assassins, led by Jason?!, and the Untitled, with Roy helping! could turn out to be epic. The art by Julius Gopez, is nicely gritty. Still my favorite DC book.

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