Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Overdue Reviews

I'm trying to catch up on my comics reading. This is a major undertaking. Wish me luck!

Jupiter's Legacy 1
A nice start and an interesting concept from Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Aging heroes and their super offspring make for Doing Good as a family business, except not everyone in the family sees it the same way. It's a lot of setup, but intriguing enough to keep me reading. And well, Quitely's art!

Batwoman 20
Somewhat of a fill-in chapter, with Kate learning her sister is truly (?) alive and getting to talk briefly to her. Then Kate gets home to a mini-intervention with her family. After all the action of recent issues, it was nice to catch my breath, and I hope next issue picks the pace back up.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual
Green Arrow and Cheshire guest. We get a taste of what drove Roy and Ollie apart, that Ollie didn't trust Roy enough, and apparently still doesn't, but by the end of the story, despite his own secret agenda, which might've been explained in his own book which I'm not reading, he at least seems to respect Roy more. Cheshire is even more off the wall in the New52 DC, which makes for a good villain but a rather one-dimensional character. I miss the old Cheshire, the one Roy slept with as part of his undercover work and ended up in a love-hate relationship with. Tynion's building an involved storyline, one I hope comes to a satisfying conclusion. My only real complaint with this is the art. The faces were rather ugly most of the time.


  1. I liked Batwoman. It was nice to have a chance to catch our breath. I haven't been reading Red Hood and the Outlaws, but I do like Roy. Ollie is a jerk, and always has been, but dang it, I still like him. At least I like the pre-52 Ollie.

    Too bad that Cheshire isn't done as well.

    1. Agreed re: Ollie. I really don't know this version, but he's apparently younger than old Ollie and that makes a difference.

      Cheshire came across as a caricature of a character. Sad.