Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stuff That's Been Sitting Here

Once again, laziness has proven a worthy opponent, but I beat it back to offer these reviews for some of last week's comics. Unfortunately, I still have a few more from last week to read.

Lazarus Two
Spelling out the issue number is a new trend for high profile comics, I guess. Anyway, this science fiction tale from Greg Rucka, with art by Michael Lark, continues to intrigue while providing nice art that's nicely shown off by the glossy paper. The coloring provided by Santi Arcas is grim, with lots of browns and blacks and greasy yellows to show how bad things have gotten for the have-nots of this future Earth. In this installment, Forever's father seems to be the only one with sense in the family, and he gives her a secret mission. Her siblings are suspicious of the time Forever and dad spent alone talking, and there are hints of a secret regarding Forever. The siblings are up to something and war between families is on the horizon. This still feels like a lot of setup, but there are enough bits and hints to keep the story moving forward. This is a good book for people wanting a bit more than the usual comics fare.

Miss Fury 4
Doctor Who doesn't have a thing on the time traveling dizziness induced by this series. More background on Marla, which might be flashback or might be her reliving it, who can say for sure. At any rate, the guy who sent her to 2013 from 1943 shows up, again, and tells her he died back then, and tells her that the man who killed him, in 1943, exists in both that year and 2013. It's up to her to save the future, uh, our present. I think. I've given up trying to figure this out and am just going along for the ride. It's fun, Miss Fury kicks ass, and the art by Jack Herbert is easy on the eyes.

Batwoman 22
Kate prepares to take on Batman, while Betty trains with black ops experts so she can be Kate's backup. I don't mind filler, and this was well done, but after last issue, the pacing of the story is starting to flag, so things better really ramp up next issue. Still, there were some nice character bits. This was a better book in the old continuity, partly because of the change in writer, but partly, I think, because of the new reality it needs to serve. Still a good read, but not quite as awesome as it once was.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 22
I know this storyline isn't universally popular with RHATO fans, if online commentary can be a fair judge, but I'm enjoying it. I'm also hoping that James Tynion IV will bring Kory, Jason, and Roy back together in a stronger team/friendship than ever, but for now, having them working in different aspects of the story has given each a chance to shine in his or her own way. Kory, working, sorta, with Essence, is the one who has the more complete picture of events and what's at stake. Jason's with the League of Assassins, which includes the over-the-top Cheshire. And Roy's made an unholy pact with the Untitled to take down the sanctuary of the League of Assassins and that would be a very bad thing. All Roy wants is to save Jason. All Jason wants is to be left alone but the League wants him to fulfill his destiny of leading him. And all Kory wants is to save Earth and her friends. So, a nice, complicated little story with lots of impact for all three of our heroes.

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